Hello, my name is Nurul Ali.

I am newly-married and the youngest daughter in a family of 5 (which has now expanded to 14, including my new husband). My parents, husband, sisters, nieces, nephews and brother-in-laws makes up the core of my beautiful world.

I am a working wife and I work at one of the top Information Technology companies in the world. I am one of those who loves her job.

Some people doubt this very fact about me at first but I am an avid fan of football. Avid would be an understatement. I am a fervent supporter of Arsenal F.C and I know my offside rule. I used to write gloriously or ranted feverishly about matches and players every now and then but ever since #THEHNWEDDING was dated to happen, I’ve only had time to watch and not write.

I consistently follow through a number of American TV series. There is a certain irresistible vampire by the name of Damon Salvatore that I am charmed with. With the end of the Harry Potter saga, romantic comedies and sappy love stories (and sometimes horror ghost films) are my general favourites.

Shopping is an indissoluble habit that I have. My train of reasons are intrinsically skewed to thinking that I will never have enough. My husband is slowly getting to grip with his new wife’s obsession as I am with his newfound love for cycling.The birth of online shopping aggravates my addiction. Bags and flats are my weaknesses.

So are French fries, waffles with ice-cream and nachos with cheese.

Life has treated me exceptionally well the last couple of decades and I can never be thankful enough for that. I started this blog with the intention of documenting every momentous journey that will come my way in the years to come.

#THEHNWEDDING was just the beginning and I can foresee many other milestones waiting to happen.

And I welcome you all to share the many meaningful events with me as they bounce along.

Happy Reading!

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