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My Pregnancy Journey: Morning Sickness

An overdued post that was sitting in the drafts for quite some time… Ah I’m so bad at keeping up with the blog! Anyways! This is going to be a lengthy post because I am sharing almost everything and because I want to be able to read this post few years from now and remember every little thing about this phase of my pregnancy! Here’s my morning sickness story! 

My pregnancy was quite the journey, especially during the first trimester.

Everything started pretty much alright in the beginning. I was eating as per normal, I had no cravings and nothing was unusual. Life went on the same except that I started to be extra cautious as per the husband’s, mother’s and sisters’ advice. Everything was smooth…

Until I hit 7-8 weeks.


This was one of the last few photos I took looking decent, all dressed up and made up. Right after this wedding, I was a mess. The very night this photo was taken, the nausea began! 

I still remember that very night when I felt the first signs of nausea. My parents had bought me supper and I just couldn’t get myself out of bed. Strangely, I didn’t feel like I could down any food at the time. Within the next few days, lethargy hit me hard and my appetite deteriorated. And that, my friends, was when it all began for me.


Have to admit, I recalled feeling a small percentage of happy for the fact that I was having morning sickness because it signified my pregnancy! Like, “Ugh I feel so terrible why oh God but it’s okay because I’m pregnant, YAY!” REALLY!

Anyways, I started feeling nauseous – it would hit me the minute I woke up that I couldn’t get out of bed at times. Ohmgaddd don’t be deceived by the term morning sickness. Morning sickness don’t only hit you in the morning (seriously!!!); it was throughout the day for me except for when I sleep! Sleep was the only solace I could seek, so you can imagine how much I was sleeping during the initial stage.

My tongue started to feel bitter. I started to have trouble eating and drinking. There were times I didn’t eat anything until dinner when Hafiz is back from work and I had to force myself. If you could see the portion I was eating then, you would feel sad for me. It was so, so little – like one scoop of rice with gravy and small pieces of meat. It was so sad but that was all I could manage. Could barely manage, actually! I was hungry, I craved for many things but I couldn’t down anything! 

One of my cravings was Nasi Sambal Goreng! I remember enjoying this meal very much, bitter, bile and all. Lol

I was given medical leave for a month and was lucky to have had the privilege of working from home thereafter. I was basically hibernating at home, leaving the house only for my check-ups. Then, the vomiting started. I was vomiting everywhere – mostly at home, in the car, in the office (once immediately after a meeting). Disgustingly, I ever vomited at the dinner table, right after my last mouthful. Poor Hafiz was still eating! I had plastic bags which I used as barf bags ready at my bedside and in my handbags. I just cannot do toilet bowls when it comes to vomiting.

My sense of smell got really sensitive. I could smell anything from a distance. I could smell when my parents got home from the market with fresh meat. I couldn’t stand the smell when my mom was cooking. Oh I couldn’t stand seafood! These would all trigger vomiting! I can’t even stand my own perfume or Hafiz’s. Or my mom’s. The highest record I hit was vomiting about 8 times a day. I vomited till I cried. And guys, the aftertaste… 😦

We tried all sorts of ways to ‘conquer’ the whole morning sickness but unfortunately for me, nothing really worked. From drinking ginger beer, honey lemon (which made things worst for me), to eating sour plums/sweets, to wearing sea-bands on my wrists. What else did we try… Lapping axe-oil on my face. Okay, not face but my forehead, chest and nose. I smelt of oil every day, you guys. So attractive. Hehe!

What did help was drinking Vitamin B water. It gave me some energy even if temporarily. So, I was eating my supplement and pregnancy-safe morning sickness medicines with it. Oh and the worst thing was that, I couldn’t take plain water when in fact, I have always loved plain water!

And guys, brushing teeth? Triggers the vomit! I was so afraid of brushing my teeth, no joke!

I lost about 6.5 kilograms during this period. I was gradually losing weight weekly and was dehydrated. But the good thing was that I was vomiting 90% of the time before meals not after meals, so, I was getting the nutrition I need and so was the baby. Even though I was not eating well and was losing weight, Sarah was growing well and gaining weight, which was what mattered most! 

My morning sickness went on until I hit 21 weeks.

Yes, it went on longer than I expected (was hoping it would end week 18!) but I was so grateful that it didn’t went on for nine whole months! At the same time, as much as it was a difficult period for me, I seek comfort in the fact that a study have shown morning sickness are signs that you’re having a healthy pregnancy/pregnancy hormones level are high. I kept reminding myself that and somehow, it gave me a bit of strength. But it also doesn’t mean that no morning sickness = unhealthy pregnancy! 

Just like what my eldest sister said to me, that you wouldn’t even realise it (i.e. morning sickness) is going off, I started eating better and the vomiting eventually stopped. My nausea slowly reduced and my dizzy spells disappeared. Days followed by weeks passed and everything kept on improving. Please imagine my happiness when I could eat my meals almost normally and start having second servings, you all! 




 I started eating a lot (payback time! my cravings can be so insane!), was hungry most of the time and constantly craving this and that. I was back to my old self except with a cute-looking bump!

I am not going to lie: morning sickness wasn’t easy and I was so grateful for the support from my entire family. Honestly, everyone in my family was so supportive and concern but I have to give mad credit to these two amazing humans: Hafiz and my mother. Both of them took care of me like I was a baby!

From the moment we found out I was pregnant and even before the morning sickness started, I was told no chores/housework – no vacuuming, mopping, sweeping, hanging of laundry, taking down of laundry, washing of dishes. Anything remotely strenuous I was to avoid. Cause you’re supposedly weak/’belom kuat’ in the beginning stages of pregnancy and was not supposed to stretch or bend so much. I didn’t complain though lah, hahahaha! Initially I would forget at times that I was pregnant and would roll over or bend over to get something off the floor!

Then, when my morning sickness started, Hafiz and my mom made every effort to reignite my barely-there appetite. They were mainly concern about me eating proper, full meals as they wanted me to get better and didn’t want me to keep losing weight and ended up having to be put on drips (as warned by my doctor). What I felt like drinking or snacking on, Hafiz would get for me. When he learned of any food/drink that could help with morning sickness, he would buy them. Because I was dizzy all the time, Hafiz would help me get out of bed and accompany me to the toilet whenever I needed to. Sigh, he looked after me so well. He didn’t complain that our weekends would come and go with me in bed almost all the time. My social life was non-existent, guys. I skipped a few weddings (sorry!) and events because I just couldn’t do it!

My mom, on the other hand, looked after my meals every single day. What would I do without her?! She would ask me what I felt like eating every single day and I will wake up and find what I said I wanted cooked and ready. Sometimes, I couldn’t eat what I had asked for and I would feel so bad! 

Surprisingly, Macaroni and Mee Laksa goreng were two dishes I cook eat with lesser difficulty. I mean, I still taste the bitter taste in my tongue while eating them but I could down them and finish my meals easier! 


My mom and Hafiz both paid attention to every little things. My mom will close my bedroom door before she started cooking and she will switch on the fans in the house for proper ventilation because she knew I couldn’t stand the smell. Hafiz would spray his perfume outside in the living room because he knew the smell would made nauseous/vomit. There were so many things that they both had paid attention to for me which helped made my morning sickness bearable. 

And then, there was my dad. From the moment he knew of my pregnancy, he bought me a huge 10 litres bottle of Zamzam water. He bought me bottles after bottles the entire pregnancy. He gave Hafiz and I tips on pregnancy-related doas. Then, there were my two sisters, giving me support, asking after me every single day how were things and if I were feeling better. My two eldest nieces included. My parents-in-law were also very concerned and very understanding because each time I visited them, I wasn’t my usual self (i.e. like a zombie), obviously. But they understood. My FIL was always telling me there were fruits and ice-cream (hehe) in the fridge and my MIL would call now and then to ask how I was doing. Surprisingly though, I never once vomited in my in-laws presence!

Here is a throwback of me and my Sarah at 28 weeks before the water retention got me:


Honestly, every single one’s encouragement and concern really helped ease some of the discomfort. I was really weak and vulnerable and it was my first time going through something new. I wasn’t prepared with how ‘painful’ (if I could describe it) morning sickness can be. It was the worst sickness I have ever experienced in my life. Not trying to scare anybody but it was Allah’s will that I had a trying first 21 weeks. So cannot complain lah! 

Looking back, I am so thankful for Allah had given me the strength to go through it and I really came out of it stronger as a person. It opened my eyes to how much our mothers have had to go through to have us and morning sickness was just the tip of it. 

If you ask me, would I do it all over again? I would, in a heartbeat. I mean look at this face? Wasn’t it all worth it?



I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything else. Pregnancy is priceless, precious and beautiful and Insyallah, with Allah’s will, I look forward to doing it all over again for a second time!

But for now, I’m going to focus on raising my Sarah Damia, who is sleeping by the way while Mummy blogs and Daddy is at work . Thanks for reading, guys!

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