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Introducing @LittleMissDamia on Instagram

Hello guys! Quick update on what’s been keeping me busy these days apart from my baby girl. 

So, I contemplated on doing this for awhile actually. The idea came about a few months after I gve birth to Sarah. I had a lot of time at hand while looking after Sarah and that was when the idea came about. I wasn’t sure initially honestly! I was fickle, unsure and slightly skeptical. But after quietly analysing (more of like going back and forth in my head while seated at the sofa with the TV on and talking to Hafiz a few times about it for his opinion) each uncertainty, I set my mind onto it and went ahead and put my ideas into plans in November 2015. 

For those of you who follow me on Instagram, you might already know. But for those who don’t, here’s introducing you to it.

For the love of dressing my little girl Sarah up and matching headbands to all her outfits, here is a little online venture both Sarah (she’s the boss!) and I have embarked on since January this year… 
Say hello to Little Miss Damia!

At Little Miss Damia, we sell all things girly. For a start, we are focusing on bringing to you all kinds of headbands from fluffy cottony to dainty chiffony to all-out big vavavoom ones and coming soon, classic bows! 

Quality and comfort are important to me. As much as I love headbands, I am hugely paranoid and I always make sure that Sarah only wear those that are comfy for her little head. I will check and check (my Mum will be like “Tak ketat la!”) the elasticity every time there’s a new headband so you can rest assured that our headbands are all good in quality and comfortable to your little girl’s head!

Mummies with little girls from as small as newborn or aunties with nieces (I’ve had a few ladies buying for their nieces – so sweet!), I invite you to take a look at Little Miss Damia! We have debuted more than 10 collections. These collections consist of various designs which are made with a variety of materials. Best of all, they are all very reasonably-priced!

Also! New collections will be added soon! 


Little Miss Damia is almost four months old now. So fast! Alhamdulliah, the response has been amazing. Feedbacks have been good so far and we have had  returning customers already! Thank you to all who have ordered your headbands from us! 

Especially tor my blog readers/followers, you can quote “dellaireBR” to get a 10% off your total purchase! Don’t forget to add @LittleMissDamia on Instagram. See you there! 🙂


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