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#THEHNBABY; due June 2015

If you follow me on Instagram, you would already know by now that Hafiz and I, we are expecting our first child! 


We found out I was pregnant two days before Hafiz’s birthday. Call it intuition but I had a strong feeling that I was pregnant before I was late and took the test. I remember Hafiz and I were busy shopping for our home furniture on that very day that we decided to take the home pregnancy test. 

So, I took the test…

Hafiz was the first person to look at the results and I still remember the look on his face when he saw the sign developing on the kit. I remember Hafiz saying something along the lines of, “The lines are already showing, so dark and clear. Positive.”  Whatever followed after that is clearly etched in my mind stillMakes me smile each time I think about it! 


Anyways, we wasted no time: not gonna lie, I was excited! The very next day, Hafiz and I made an appointment with our chosen gynecologist and headed down to his clinic. And yes, the doctor confirmed:


Alhamdulillah, thank you Allah!

I am a few days short of reaching my third trimester now and so far, this pregnancy has been amazing and most humbling for both Hafiz and I. Although it hasn’t been the smooth of journey (boo, morning sickness) in the initial stage, this pregnancy has delighted us in so many ways and has taught both of us so much more than we had anticipated.

Here’s a throwback shot of us both shortly after we found out we are having a baby and were celebrating Hafiz’s birthday. 


 We are beyond happy and so very thankful for this little blessing! I never knew I could love someone I haven’t met this much. Thank you Allah for this! We are so, so grateful. As of now, we are more than halfway there and we truly cannot wait to meet this little person, this child of ours –

#THEHNBABY, due June 2015!

For now, we will try to wait patiently.

As for me, more eating, more cravings, more baby shopping and more pregnancy stories to come! 

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