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#THEHNHOME is complete!

*wipes dust off blog*

It has been a long four months since my last entry. Geez!

My sudden hiatus from blogging was not planned. So, so much and I mean SO much has been going on in my life since my last entry. There has been so much I wanted to write about (like the progress of my home renovation which is now completed by the way and my wedding reception which I’ve halfway in draft) but the situation from the last few months did not permit. Nonetheless, things have been less hectic for awhile now, so here I am!

Our new home, which I’ve been fondly referring to as #theHNhome, has been ready since end December. Renovations were completely over then but because Hafiz and I decided not to move in just yet (we have our reasons why!), we took our time in setting up the house. We have been slowly moving things from my parents’ home over the course of the last two months to our new place. Even today, we are still moving things over! It seems neverending really but we are talking about spring-cleaning and moving things from the last 28 years of my life. Okay, maybe last 13 years since we moved to my current house then. I didn’t know that two rooms (my old bedroom from when before I was married and my current bedroom shared with Hafiz) could take so long to clean out! I don’t deny that my lazy bones had a part to play though…. I hope to sort this out by end March! We’ll see!

Speaking of renovations, Hafiz and I are very, very happy with the end results of our home. What we had visualised for our new home were transformed beautifully within the 110sqm living space. We are not going to lie – renovating a home from scratch was VERY exhausting. You first have to think of all the designs of the different rooms – kitchen, service yard, dining area, living room, master bedroom, bedroom 1 and 2, common toilet and master toilet. Then, you have to FILL up these spaces. Choosing furnitures and appliances can be fun but it required loads of surveying and going from stores to stores. As I recalled, what was at the back of my mind was always “Will this look nice? Will this fit in the theme? Will I hate it later? Will it last? Oh my god, are we making the right choice?!” I think Hafiz heard that last sentence like 7,345 times throughout the shopping process. His poor eardrums.

As you are busy with purchasing your furnitures and all, the renovation starts. Which means trips after trips to the work site for the following weeks to monitor the progress of the renovation. Hafiz handled the bulk of this as he is the expert. He was mad tired during this phase and I don’t blame him at all! Good thing is that our new home is very near to my parents’ and near to Hafiz’s office, so that was a plus point. 

After that, when the renovation is over and the ID hands over your unit to you, you have to check every room for any defects (this I take seriously because hello, renovation is NOT cheap and I want my every CENT to be worth it! I am seriously more anal than Hafiz about this, true fact.) and if any, the ID has to rectify them all and then you have to check them again! And that’s not all. Once the unit is completely handed over and it’s all yours, here comes the cleaning part! The wiping of every single surface in the house from the kitchen to the bedrooms to the doors and windows. Then, the washing of the toilets. And then, the vacuuming and mopping of the floors. Can you imagine!

And if you think you’re done by now, dream on! Now that the house is spick and span, comes the time for you to fill the spaces with all the items that you’ve bought like the dinner plates, pots and pans. And this only after you’ve washed them and dried them! My poor fingers were almost wrinkled from excessive water usage then. And not forgetting arranging your clothes in your new built-in wardrobe! OH THIS. HEADACHE. I still haven’t move my make-ups yet though! This I am excited about because I specifically asked our ID to customize my drawers/my little beauty corner for me!

Concurrently while we were busy with the end part of the renovation, we had our blinds, internet and cable TV installed as well. We also tested all our kitchen appliances with first tries to ensure they are working fine. There were a lot of test drives as we learned how to use our new washing machine, microwave, oven and our new TV system. I didn’t expect our washing machine-cum-dryer to be so confusing! I’m still referring to the manual now!

Renovating a home, especially since it is our first home, has been really exciting, interesting and of course, fun. But with the fun part comes the trying part. With expectations comes tough work. Renovations can also test your patience on every level possible but at the end of it, it is all very rewarding when you look at the end result. An end result that you will live with and build new memories for years to come. Nobody says good things will come to you easy, right! Of course, you’ve got to work for it and we worked our butts off with #theHNhome. I have to thank Hafiz for he did an excellent job in being the first point of contact for everything associated with our home renovations! It was the first big project in our marriage – thank you Allah for everything fell into places as they should be and for allowing us the opportunity to make our dream home a reality.

Now, let me share some pictures I took with my miserable phone photos from during the renovation period. As you can see, I was too lazy to edit them also.







thehnhome_reno11  thehnhome_reno14


The first night we moved our things over with the help of Hafiz’s friends.  

thehnhome_reno19From one of the many, many trips we made to Courts and Giant! 

thehnhome_reno015Our third bedroom looked like this initially, holding all our purchases while we set/cleaned the house up.

thehnhome_reno12One of our many trips to Ikea! There’s always something to buy when we are there! Like clothes hangers when we already have more than enough at home! Sheesh.


The beautiful view from our service yard. It’s so windy here at night!

I don’t have that many photos taken of the end results of our renovation. When I do, I will share. But for now, here are two picture of our feature wall/living room.



Yeah, football all day errrday!

And yes, my husband got his carpet grass (although not the actual plastic green one he wanted initially that we talked about here!) 

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