Having a Renovation Theme: Necessary or not?

One of the questions commonly asked during our first consultation with interior designers (ID) is: 

What is your theme?

You know to expect this. Having a theme makes it easier for IDs to aid you accordingly. But as with how we never met up with any ID prior to getting our keys, Hafiz and I never narrowed down on a specific theme either. We did talked about renovation works here and there – we do know roughly what we want but we really never set a definite theme to it. We delved into the renovation process with this in mind:-


Initially, my husband and I approached the renovation topic with the same general mindset – we wanted no clutters, space-conscious, modern, bright with a neat feel. Less is more. These are important to us. As with our wedding, we didn’t want anything traditional. We are also not adventurous enough to go contemporary with bright, shocking colours. I don’t want anything bulky or gaudy. Looking back, I always said I wanted a modern home with pastel, light colours. And white. 


Obviously, Hafiz and I undertake this renovation process seriously – our flat is akin to being our first baby. Of course, it is our wish to do a great job in furnishing our new home with all that we want. Our end product has to ultimately be a successful collaboration of both our ideas. Which is why we are willing to add on items to ou renovation if need be in order to achieve our dream home. (We have to bear in mind that it’s a one-time investment for many many years! So, goodbye $$$!) 

When we started on the renovation process, a theme slowly formed while we did our own research. As we sat down with the IDs and explained our renovation ideas, we realised, with the confirmation from the IDs, that our theme is quite skewed towards the Modern + Minimalist + Scandinavian theme scattering around the flat. Who said it was tough if you had no theme in the first place? (A good ID is one who can work on anything, theme or no theme. Even if the client has no idea, the ID should know how to get something out of the client to create a start. That’s what one of their fortes is right?!)

Let me be honest – I’ve never thought of going true-blue Scandinavian. I wouldn’t dare. Going modern and minimalist can sound quite the safe choices but I have always loved the simplicity of these two and to mix them with Scandinavian is quite the look we are going for. Thus far, our renovation mock-up has been quite a good mix the three. And when I think about it, it could also be considered slightly rustic. Hmm. When I Google-d Scandinavian, I saw lots of pine, maple, dark wood and white. Of course, the theme Scandinavian is also very vast, so we do have other colour combinations in mind.

Here are some pictures I got off Pinterest as ideas for our kitchen concept (Just noticed my reno folder consists mostly of kitchen pictures!)


6c5399cb7358bce44ce51f09201b1c21 9cf27f9781e3f4126293b4650dd7e296 3240f63a72a92b580911421a137fc5ac scandinavian-design-white-and-gray-in-gothenburg-white-and-gray-in-gothenburg-09-wallpaper-9-800x1200Kitchen-Remodeling-Singapore



You can probably tell the concept I would like for my kitchen from the above pictures. Colours wise – I would love white and one other colour but let’s see how the 3D drawings  turns out first! 

I believe that a theme is good to have if you already know what style you wish to decorate your house in. It also helps if you need a starting point or if you have no idea what you want to do. If you already have a theme in mind, good for you. But if you don’t have a theme yet, I don’t think there’s any need to worry. Not having a theme is nothing wrong. I have seen end-results of homes renovated with no theme and they look perfectly fine! You just need to have a clear head and know what you want and need. I personally think these are enough to help get you started. That was how we got ours started and how we made concrete our theme along the way. (And whenever in doubt, there’s always Google! Or ask your ID. Get your money worth, honey!)



A house is made of walls and beams, a home is made of love and dreams.

A home is a reflection of who you are. It should be a place you’re happy to retire to at the end of a taxing day, a place you’re proud to call your own. And on top of all the theme talk and decoration ideas, my husband and I are working towards this. 🙂

Truly cannot wait to proceed onto the next level of our renovation process. More updates next on our experience in choosing our tiles and materials. Hope the week’s been good to you all so far! So happy that it’s already Thursday!

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