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Happy 7-Months Anniversary!

This entry was meant to be posted in the month of August because I wanted to commemorate our half-year anniversary. However, today is 21 September which obviously goes to show how miserably I’ve failed in finishing up the entry last month. I had the text all typed out and ready but I blame the pictures (picking, resizing, editing a bit = time-consuming = made me lazy! Worst, I have no Photoshop on my current laptop 😦 I’ve had to resort to using my phone and an online editing site, which makes it painstakingly slow. Sigh.)


22 August 2014 marked 6 months since Hafiz and I got married. And tomorrow being 22 September adds another month to it. This is ridiculous! How has it been 7 months?!

It is amazing how much goodness we have gone through together so far. Alhamdulillah. I did a total recall (chey!) prior to this blog entry. In 6 months, I have had many firsts and created many beautiful memories with Hafiz. To commemorate our 7-months journey and in chronological order (I hope!), here are 10 of the many events that represents some of our firsts/memories thus far:

1. We finally traveled on our own and visited Europe together (both our first times)HN_Milestones_01

2. We rode the London Eye (always seen it in movies, finally got on it) and got to see the London BridgeHN_Milestones_03

3. We watched our first live Arsenal English Premier League match (still can’t believe this happened!) and saw the Arsenal players + Arsene Wenger in person (they, the players, so handsome, I tell you. Arsene looks like Mr. Bean.)HN_Milestones_04

4. We went to the Emirates Stadium (FINALLY! Super immaculate pitch + stunning stadium)HN_Milestones_05

5. We walked down the the famous Parisian stripes of Champ Elysee’s and visited The LouvreHN_Milestones_06

6. We rode to the summit of the Eiffel Tower. (simply breathtaking! I would do this again and again in a heartbeat!) I took this picture with no filter while we were walking to the Eiffel Tower and while the sun was setting! How stunning is this!


7. We participated in our first ever OCBC Cycle 2014 (an achievement for me, really, but never again!)


8. We got our keys to our brand new home!

9. We celebrated our first Hari Raya as husband and wife!


10. We attended our first organisational Family Day! (No decent quality picture of us together for this! :()


If there’s one wish, I wish that we could do 1-6 again! House keys get one time is enough already. Banyak pakai duit, that one. Hehehe.

Sometimes, I still find it hard to believe how far we’ve come and how we’ve come to it. Like planning for our honeymoon and finally standing at the summit of the Eiffel Tower. Watching Arsenal play on TV for years and finally seeing them do their thing in person. So surreal. I want more!

Here’s to creating even more stunning memories with you, darling.




Photos taken by: Nikon D5200 + my dying iPhone 4S +Samsung Note II

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