Being Mrs Hafiz

Things The Husband Says


I was blogging another entirely different entry (draft saved at the moment) and I had Black Widow Iggy Azaela ft Rita Ora playing off YouTube. Apart from the phrase where they sing ‘I’m gonna love ya, I’m gonna love ya, like a black widow baby!‘, I have no clue what the rest of the lyrics are. When the rapping part came on, I was so feeling the song that I rattled out with no head no tail to the tune, turned to the Hafiz and said, “I can be a rapper right?”

My husband, ever so loyal to his FIFA14, eyes glued to the tv screen replied, “Yeah.”

Me: “I know right!”

Him: “Paper wrapper.”

Me: “Say again? What rapper? Oh, PAPER WRAPPER.”


Well, at least, I got the tune right what! Don’t kill ma vibes man!


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