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How have your Raya been, guys? Mine has been quite enjoyable thus far! Despite the humidity level (yang sangat men-testing jiwa dan raga), I have had a whale of time dressing up in matching outfits with Hafiz (although my tailor sewed my outfits big again for two years in a row now! I look shapeless, sigh.), visiting family members with my new husband and doing nothing but sit, chat, eat (too much!), drink and take pictures (although the photo-taking has gone on quite a slow rate this year).

The morning of Raya 2014 went by the same like how it’s always been for me all these years. Get up, shower and head out for Eid prayers with my parents. Except that this year I am married. Hafiz and I woke at 630am and went for Eid prayers with my parents. We got home – I ate my mom’s longtong while Hafiz ate my mom’s rendang and instead of taking a short nap while waiting for my sisters to arrive with their families like I always do every other year, this year, I had a second shower because it was so hot during prayers and got ready for my in-laws. I am not going to deny it – I was excited!





From my in-laws, Hafiz and I visited his grandmother before heading back to my parents’ to meet up with my sisters. My family has expanded immensely over the years. There are a total of 14 people now! 8 adults + 6 nieces and nephews. So imagine the chaos! The number increases but one thing remains. Our yearly family photo during Raya at the same spot:



 Today is the 10th day of Syawal 2014. Hafiz and I have actually only been out visiting only on the first day (6 houses – up another 2 houses from my previous years), the second night (2 houses only) and on Sunday (record broken: 9 houses in all). It has been years since I exceeded 4-5 houses in one day and when I got home on Sunday, I just wanted to do nothing. My feet were starting to hurt and I felt so sticky. I removed my makeup, got into the shower, prayed and zonked out on my own while watching Arsenal play the Emirates Cup 2014. I whined to my mom the next day that I think I’m getting old already – 9 houses didn’t bode well with me or my poor toes!

This year’s Eid marked another milestone for us – first Hari Raya as husband and wife. Wah, so many milestones this year! I enjoyed bringing Hafiz to my uncles and aunties and cousins’ houses. It was very heartwarming to see them welcome him into the family and to see him fitting in well and comfortable, striking up conversations with people who are new in his life. There were also a few relatives who saw us and said, eh, pengantin! which made me blush. Hehe! 

How my first Raya with Hafiz went so far has turned out quite close to what I’ve always imagined it to be like. I guess what attributed to the heightened level of fun this year is the fact that we are married. It is obviously a novelty – new things or in our case, statuses change, excite, right? I hope that this novelty doesn’t ever wear off because I want to feel like this every yearrrr. Hahahaha. 

We are still not done yet (one more matching outfit to wear out, hehehe) – there are a lot of houses/relatives/friends to visit. I am also looking forward to introducing Hafiz to my relatives as well as visiting more of his relatives. His family is mine now and vice versa, so it is only apt that we mingle!

In the meantime, let me flood you with some #HFZNRLRaya2014 Day 1 pictures now.








Hope you are all having a great Raya so far. We still have 2 weeks plus to go to stuff ourselves silly with pineapple tarts, Nutella cake, Mee Goreng and Ayam Goreng! 

Once again, Eid Mubarak from The Hafizs!


First Day Raya Get-ups:

On me: Tailor-made lace Baju Kurung Datin with Mermaid Skirt, Bag from Chanel and Heels from Charles & Keith

On Hafiz: Baju Kurung Telok Blangah from Aaron Aziz By Jakel and Envelope Clutch from Burberry


(Putting my wedding entries on hold! Resuming after Raya!)

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