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#THEHNWEDDING: Our Nikah Ceremony (Part 2)


I’m going to continue where I left off previously – Part 2 of my Nikah ceremony. Here’s Part 1 if you’ve missed it.



Okay! So… after the Akad Nikah (solemnisation) and first half of the photography session, Hafiz and I proceeded for our second outfit change. Because my house is about 200m away from the reception hall (dang all these new housing estate layouts by HDB!) and because there was no way I was going to walk in my heels and sweat, we had arranged for a car to be ready to chauffer us for our outfit change. Smart, right! Actually, it was my mother who came up with this after seeing how my second sister had to walk back and forth during her wedding. So, thanks Mom!

Back at my house, I quickly got out of my red lengha and Ely suited me up in my champagne cocktail dress. Oh my god, you guys! The champagne cocktail dress by Fatimah Mohsin (FM) is so gorgeous! I fell in love with it the moment I tried it during my fitting. Once I was zipped up, Ely wasted no time (we had a pretty packed itinerary) and immediately started off with changing my hairstyle for my second look and touching up my make-up.

You see…. I have chubby cheeks (evident in the above pictures and all others). I take after my father if you’ve noticed him from my earlier post. Which brings me to my hairstyle dilemma: I have never really been a fan of having an all-up hairdo because I worry about looking super round. Well, with the exception of being in the comfort of my own home all dressed down (think green pajamas pants with white/peach stripped tee) with a messy aunty-bun because who can see right!?! But I was wrong. You’ll never know until you try, right? Indeed. Ely did an incredible job on my hair. Credits to her. Just look at the intricate twisting at the back:


SO GOOD RIGHT? I mentioned to FM and voiced out to Ely about my dilemma of having my hair bun-up. Ely told me she was not going to have all my hair tightly pulled back. Except for the circular twisting at the back, she made my fringe loosely framed my face.

My girlfriends and photographer who were in the room were gushing over the end-result. Ely, you so good! HEHEHE. She also worked really fast considering the amount of effort the hairstyle required and the need to keep with the itinerary. I even told Hafiz after the wedding that I want to get her to do my hair for the next big event we will have. Not really sure what that will be. So I started to think back then… like maybe for my house-warming ke or my first baby shower ke. Over the top or not? Haha!

SO! Half an hour later, both Hafiz and I were ready. Hafiz had changed into his first suit for the wedding – a black pants suit, a white shirt with an inner vest, a champagne tie to match my dress and his Salvatore Ferragamo shoes all laced up. Men, they take so much faster to get ready, don’t they?! And of course, my husband looked so smart. First time in a suit, you know!

I’m so excited I don’t know why but now….. want to see my gorgeous dress?






thehnwedding_nikah_071Isn’t it beautiful?!

AHH, I want to wear it again. FOR REAL. Maybe if it’s still there, hanging at FMTWG in 5 years’ time, I can consider wearing it for my 5th year anniversary photo-shoot or something. Ambitious, I know… Keke.

I love all my outfits from my wedding but THIS obviously is my utmost favourite. I absolutely love how the shade of champagne kinda blended in with my skin and make-up and everything as a whole. And look at my hairstyle! This whole look was a winner with many (my sisters said many people were commenting on this dress!)

So, we arrived at the reception hall and more-photo-taking followed!

thehnwedding_nikah_073Still slightly shy here (shy because first time hold Hafiz’s arm in front of everyone ma!) and was obviously trying to watch my footing here.

Hafiz still the same – cool as cucumber, calm as the surface of the sea. -_-

thehnwedding_nikah_083Mi familia. The original five of the Borhan Ali family 🙂

thehnwedding_nikah_082Just about 1/9 of my maternal cousins hanging out at the pelamin with my nieces. I have about 60 cousins. No, I’m serious!

thehnwedding_nikah_076With my Mom (in black) and my maternal aunts – the orang-orang kuat! And here’s a clearer view of my dress.


thehnwedding_nikah_089My babygirls whom I love so very dearly. Aren’t they beautiful! So big already 😥 I remember clearly cradling them when they were just babies!

thehnwedding_nikah_088With 6/9 of my dulang-girls!

It was near 6pm when we were finished with the second round of photo-taking on the dais. I had included in the itinerary that if time permits, we could head over to my house’s roof garden beside my reception hall for some outdoor shots. Indriana, my main photographer, was very kind to do it despite the time having overrun. Thank you, Indriana!

And up we proceeded to the garden. Hafiz and I were complete noobs when it comes to posing all lovey-dovey/wedding-style so we posed as instructed by Indriana. It was quite funny and fun really and gave us a little idea of how our actual outdoor shoot will be like. It had been a long day by then but incredibly, I didn’t  feel tired at all! And I wasn’t sweating even!

We obviously took more than one photo at the garden but they are all just so precious so I’m just sharing this one.


Day 1 was such a breeze for us. In summary, Hafiz’s akad nikah was perfect to me. My father was calmed and steady in solemnising us. I cried when I hugged my parents but didn’t sobbed horribly nor ruined my make-up like I’ve always feared (THANKFULLY!). Our first two outfits fitted us perfectly. My make-up was flawless. Our guests were happy. Food were more than enough to feed everyone and more and tasted super delish according to the guests. (I had no appetite to eat anything apart from two spoonful of my sister’s noodle early in the morning and had my first meal at dinner! And indeed, the food was gooood!) We were 90% in sync with the itinerary and even with the 10% adjustments that we had to accommodate, everything still fell into place as planned.

Day 1 ended at 7pm for us. We changed out of our outfits and it was time for Hafiz and his best men to leave. I had this warm, fuzzy, funny feeling in the pit of my stomach as I stood by the front door and said goodbye to Hafiz. The enormity of the day sunk in right there. And call me sappy, meluat or what but I missed him as soon as he left. Kekeke.

I wasn’t allowed to go down to the reception hall after that, so I stayed upstairs  with my nieces. Good thing was Arsenal’s match was on TV – what apt timing!

So yes, that was it. The end of Day 1 of #theHNwedding. I will come back with my reception/sanding post next! Thanks for reading!


Make-up, hair & outfits by Fatimah Mohsin & Ely from Fatimah Mohsin The Wedding Gallery

Hall set-up & decoration by Merpati Creations

Photography by The Pink Elephant Lab


3 thoughts on “#THEHNWEDDING: Our Nikah Ceremony (Part 2)

  1. Lucky this post nvr make me tear 😛

    Love your dress and especially your makeup, nothing too over the top and so so flawless! Must be ur clear skin to begin with rite? 🙂

    And hafiz’s face so awkward in the last pic mcm “am I doing it rite? Lol lol!

    1. Haha this part da happy. Sanding then sad again, lol. Thank you babe, so kind you! Nooo, I don’t have clear skin! Haha, Hafiz was working on instructions. We had a few of ‘like this ah?’ moments lol. First timers kata kan, keke!

      1. and i noticed something! when the two of you stand side by side/walk together, dua2 same height. but why the last pic, hafiz taller ni? stand atas telephone directory eh? hahahahahahaha!!!

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