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Our Wedding Outfits Selection with Fatimah Mohsin

Our wedding outfits selection with Fatimah Mohsin (FM) was scheduled on 16 January 2014. Ideally, you can start selecting as early as 2.5 months to your wedding day but we ending up going closer to the wedding. Because FM is part of Mediacorp’s TV50 celebration, I decided to wait so that the range of outfits available for us would be wider and most crucially, the available options will include all the new designs.


Our appointment was at 6pm that day. My mom came along with us because I specifically wanted her there and because I trust her the most in making all decisions with regards to the wedding. Besides, she’s been there with me every step of the way and there was no way I would leave her out! Oh my mother, how I love her so!

We arrived at Oxley Bizhub 2 at 545pm and were greeted by Kak Nana and Makeup Artist/Stylist/Consultant Sarah. We had our measurements taken and as we were the only couple in the gallery at that time, we had the entire range of outfits for selection at our disposal. Sarah attended to us the whole time we were there. We have a total of 4 outfits changes for the two-days event and the first outfit we chose was the solemnization outfit.

Our general preference is that the outfits be of new creations/designs and Sarah was very kind to inform us as we flipped through the racks even before we bring the outfits down to take a closer look, if the outfit is old or new! It was quite hilarious actually!


My fiance and I had agreed that the nikah/solemnisation outfit would be a traditional Indian oufit. I am half Indian, so it is only right and makes sense to wear Indian. We didn’t take long to choose because there were not too many options and it was an easy pick. We opted for the latest design and got to know that we will be the first couple to don the outfits and I am jolly about it!  We took photos of all our chosen outfits but will not be posting them as what surprise would it be if we share them now! But I will share the colours and for our nikah, they are red and gold. So, that’s one outfit down.

If the first outfit was easy, the next three were pretty difficult to choose!

The second outfit we had to select was a traditional Malay outfit that is for the sanding/reception. My fiancé is Malay, so the request is that we sanding in a traditional Malay outfit. It wasn’t easy because there were plenty of designs available for traditional songket and modern songket. We are not fans of super traditional costumes and I don’t really like how normal and dull traditional songket looks like so we opted for the modern songket. We firstly couldn’t decide on a colour that best compliment our skin tones but after going through the racks a couple of times, we finally settled on a hot pink and gold one. I can’t wait to see how we will both look in them because the colour itself is already so striking and the design is beautiful. Many family members who saw the outfits lamented the same. We will also be the first couple to wear this outfit! Yay.

Halfway through our selection, Kak Fatimah walked in. I got pretty excited that I did a little jig because I had wanted for her to be there to assist us with our selections. The reason why I signed my bridal package with FM is because she is good at what she does and knows how to match you, your face, your body and yourself as an individual to the outfits. She kindly said hello and asked Sarah what we have picked before attending to another couple who had arrived for their custom-fitting.


We next had to pick an outfit for the cake-cutting ceremony which would typically be a white wedding gown for the bride and black suit for the groom. I didn’t know why but I ended up selecting a cocktail gown in champagne for this. I think I kept thinking at the back of my mind that white will make me look fat. I was pretty satisfied with the selection when Kak Fatimah came back in and looked through our selections. Then she asked:

“Which will be your wedding gown?” We told her it was the champagne cocktail dress and she went, “Asal takde white wedding gown? Sayang nye kalau takde white wedding gown. You should wear a white wedding gown!” Translation: Why no white wedding gown? Such a waste if there isn’t! You should wear white!

I was about to ask for her opinion when she said something really nice but I’m not going to say it here. All I can reveal is that it was a compliment. 🙂  Was quite shy but thank you for the compliment!

She then led us outside to the racks at the front of the gallery (photo below). We had browsed through the racks earlier when Sarah had informed us that a few of them were not for selections due to their exclusivity (custom-designs and upcoming photo-shoots).


Kak Fatimah then pulled out two white wedding dresses that my mom had looked at earlier when Sarah informed us they were not for selection. By this point, my mom had a wide smile on her face because earlier, she had her eyes on one of the dresses that Kak Fatimah was holding. So lucky or what?! Kak Fatimah told me to try them both and after trying, we all agreed that the Grace Kelly design looked best on me. Ohmagod, SO HAPPY OK! I mean, this is a dress from a range that is not in my bridal package and yet I will be wearing it because Kak Fatimah gave the green light to! The dress is absolutely gorgeous! The fiancé, on the other hand, will be wearing a blue suit instead of the typical black. Ahh, so excited!

Because I like the champagne cocktail dress very much, Kak Fatimah suggested that I wear it for my second changeover after the nikah/solemnisation. This is very appropriate because I will probably be mingling with guests and the dress is easy to walk in and just right for it. The fiancé will be wearing a champagne suit to compliment my champagne dress.

And that’s 4 outfits settled!

Ay the time we sat down to discuss the tentative itinerary for the two days, it was almost 8pm! We didn’t feel the time passing by as we were selecting the outfits and neither did we expect to take that long!

My mom, fiancé and I were very satisfied with the service rendered by Kak Fatimah and Sarah. They were nice and patient and I think these two traits are very important. These are outfits we are choosing for our big day and we surely want to take our time and look at all available options before deciding. Despite being a big and successful name in the wedding/bridal industry, Kak Fatimah is very humble and friendly. Her professionalism was just immaculate. That’s how you do business! At the end of it, we left the gallery feeling very happy.

Our final fitting is set for this coming Wednesday, 19 February, 3 days to our solemnisation. As of today, it is 6 days to the wedding, you guys. SIX! I just had the first gush of adrenaline rushing through my body at the thought of it.

Ahh. It’s been a stay-home weekend for me. So much still to do. Till my next entry. Taaa!


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