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Twelve days to go!


12. Twelve. TWELVE.

It’s a mere 12 days to the wedding. That’s less than 2 weeks! Should I start panicking right now!?


A lot of people started asking me from a few months back (which feels like eons ago now that we are days away!) about how I feel with the wedding looming close. The common question was: Are you excited? My answer was always the same: No, not yet. I think I’m more stressed out than anything!

I’m pretty sure it was all due to juggling work (which was very overwhelming back then) + the final semester of school (the stress of the final exams!) + the wedding preparations. It was almost like there was no capacity within me to feel excited. Not to say that I didn’t look forward to the wedding. I sure do! But it was more of the tension of everything happening at once that it felt almost surreal that a wedding is happening. You know how it feels like when too much is happening at one time that you feel lost and didn’t know which to focus on? That was what happened to me.

However, things changed after I went for my outfit selection with Fatimah Mohsin with 38 days to the wedding. The excitement finally kicked in. The reality of it all sank in deep. I am getting married and to the very love of my life. It’s happening!!!

It’s been a crazy period since my last update. I’d been too busy thinking of what needs to be done and how to get them done. I think I might have panicked a bit and procrastinated. So much has happened since.

As mentioned above, I went for my outfits selection with Fatimah Mohsin. My fiance and I are very, very happy with our outfits and so are our mummies. I will blog about this in my next entry or so.



Then, there was the distribution of the wedding invitations by hand and by mail. This was pretty tedious. I almost forgot a few people! It’s like I thought I was done then someone’s face, someone I haven’t invited, just popped into my mind! This got me very kancheong!


Then, there was the bedroom makeover. We painted the room all-white and bought a new side-table with some other bedroom essentials to complete the room. Unfortunately, my current bedroom is too small to accommodate a queen size bed, therefore, I have to shift to the third bedroom in the house which is currently unoccupied. And boy, shifting rooms was extremely tiring! But I’m actually pretty sad about this. I got emotional late one night as I thought about  the fact that I’ve been sleeping in this bed and bedroom for the last 12 years and soon I’ll have to leave it all behind. Which got me thinking; can you just imagine what a basket-case I’ll be when I move out of my parents’ house?! I. CAN’T. DEAL. NO. Let’s not think about that now, shall we.


Then, of course, there was the honeymoon preparations. To date, we still have a few outstanding items. I know, I know, what day already! But I’m not gonna panic. *breathes* We still have 13 days!  And oh, not forgetting the search for my wedding shoes! This was just tough! I searched what felt like the entire Singapore for the second pair. No joke!

I actually have a wedding checklist with due-dates set for the outstandings pertaining to the wedding and the honeymoon. I only stick to it for one day. It’s really tough to follow a schedule when it’s this close to the date. Something that requires your attention will always pop-up randomly! But having a checklist helps you remember what needs attention even if you don’t follow the schedule as planned, so, have a checklist if need be!

But, Alhamdulillah. Despite all the craziness and incredibly hectic timeline, everything eventually fell nicely into place and I am immensely grateful for that.

I am now in the final lap of my wedding preparations and it’s truly crunch time right now. Every hour of every day is precious. I wished I had more time to update my blog more regularly too but time is not on my side. I do update my Instagram/@dellaire regularly though. I also received some questions from fellow BTBs on my blog that I have just replied to. My apologies for the delay in replying. I promise to revert faster next time!

Time check: 3:26am. My body clock is so screwed these days. I should really turn in now. Goodnight!


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