The Honeymoon: Booking our flights

Ohkay! It has all been pre-wedding blog posts all this while but I am taking a break! I shall now blog about a post-wedding event that is to happen 48 hours after our wedding and something that we have spent quite a bit of money, research and time on:


I am not going to lie:  I am super psyched for this trip. I haven’t traveled in what feels like the LONGEST TIME. Same goes for the fiancé.

destination_secretOur chosen destinations are two cities that we’ve always wanted to visit. There wasn’t much debate between us and we had no problems agreeing on the destinations as we share the same interests that lies in both cities. In fact, I can’t remember either of us bringing in any other cities as part of our options to honeymoon at. It has somehow always been these two countries. It all started years ago when I randomly mentioned to Hafiz that we can consider visiting these two places on our honeymoon and somehow it sticks with us all these years!

Nobody knows where we are headed to except for both of our immediate families and some trusted people. We have decided to keep it lying low all this while as we don’t want people asking us questions or talking about it until it has already happened. *Photo credit

If my memory serves me well, Hafiz and I first started our research on airlines and flights somewhere in September 2013. Hafiz and I somehow had this inclination to book with this particular airline from the get-go. We first started out by comparing the air ticket prices between a few airlines (namely, SIA, Emirates, Qatar, and Malaysian) and thought that our preferred airline pricing is very reasonable. So, we decided to go ahead. Our chosen airline is:

emirates_logo*Photo credit

Depending on when you book the tickets, Emirates may not be the cheapest option out there but the trick is to keep checking their official website! To and from our destinations, we will be traveling on the latest aircrafts (Airbus 380)! Singapore Airlines was the alternative but we found the fares to be quite costly, about $1k more per pax. Realistically, we could use that $2k for other things like… shopping. To affirm our decision, Emirates was also awarded World’s Best Airline in 2013! So, we’ve made a good choice there.

We booked our flights two hours before I was to sit for my final examination paper. It was almost pandemonium because my laptop had crashed then and the fiancé was at a work appointment and we were in a rush to grab our seats before it was all gone. Why we were in a rush, I’ll explain below but thankfully, my fiancé came to the rescue.

After making a call to the Emirates office to have our questions immediately addressed, we purchased our flight tickets with our preferred departure and arrival timings on 18 November 2013. I breathed a huge, huge sigh of relief then.

The booking of our air tickets had us going cray-cray because in early November, we found a very ideal flight with great timing and reasonable pricing. We were about to book our flights when my laptop died on us. Two days later, we went online and the prices for two tickets had increased by $1.5k! Imagine our horror. I was whining about it to my parents but I remembered my father saying, “It’s alright, maybe there’s an even better deal coming.”

I hated the fact that we missed a pretty good deal and was extremely pissed off at the world. Following the miss, the fiancé insisted that we book with other airlines i.e. Qatar/SIA but I was very stubborn about it. I wanted to book only with the Emirates. I wasn’t satisfied with the pricings vs. the aircrafts vs. the departure/arriving timings. For example, Qatar were charging really cheap but the aircrafts weren’t the latest. SIA had some deals (which was still expensive in my opinion but it was a direct flight) but the departure and arrival timings to and fro were horrible! Like what’s the point of arriving at night? You miss a day! And what’s the point of departing in the afternoon?! You also miss a day! Such waste of money!

The fiancé, on the other hand, wanted to play safe and make sure we didn’t end up booking an even more expensive flight if we waited too long. But I was very adamant about waiting it out. I was pretty sure Hafiz was very stressed out by this point, keke, but he must have been secretly glad he listened to me because! Somehow during my last minute revisions for my last paper one week after, I decided to go on my iPhone and search on the Emirates app and lo and behold, the prices had decreased to even lower (by a few tens) than the ideal tickets we missed! That’s when I started freaking out, calling the fiancé and where the pandemonium almost started.

But Alhamdulillah, we’d successfully purchased our flight tickets with our preferred timings! I realised it was a blessing in disguise when my laptop died on us. Like my dad said, there was gonna be an even better deal and there was.

Nonetheless, amidst all the chaos, I did picked up some useful tips on booking flights for your honeymoon. Maybe, these might help you:

tips*Photo credit

  • I don’t think there’s any specific time as to when to book your flight. The word out is that you should start early because the earlier you book, the cheaper the airfares are but based on my experience, I don’t think so. We booked our flights 3 months to the departure date and we still got a good deal. Just yesterday I checked and there were still tickets available priced the same as the ones we paid for in November. So I say, keep checking the flight price until you’re ready to book.
  • Next, set a budget for your flight tickets. This makes it easier to plan.
  • skyscanner_logoDownload the app ‘Skyscanner’ onto your phone. This mobile app has all airlines under its belt where you can easily compare the flight fares from all the airlines for one destination. You can either book directly with the airline or through travel agencies. Their official website is
  • Once you’ve decided on which airline to book with, go to the airline official website and search for an available flight on your honeymoon dates to check if they are offering the same price or cheaper. If it’s the same price, it is always safer to book with the airline directly. You can also search under deals/promotions on the official website to see if there are any cheaper tickets for your preferred dates. If other travel agencies are offering cheaper deals, you can book with them.
  • If you’re not ready to book, then keep checking the airline sites/mobile apps! There’s really no harm in checking if there are any new deals/good promotions. You can also check with The fiancé religiously checked in with this site!
  • redeye_flightWhen searching for a flight, take note of the departure and arrival times to and fro. It is good if you can catch a *red-eye out of Singapore and arrive at your destination in the early morning. I think it is best you catch a red-eye back as well. That way, you can fully utilise every single day of your honeymoon. (*Red-eye flight is a flight that departs late at night and arrive at your destination early the following morning.)
  • Do take note that red-eye flights might costs more for some airlines. This is the case with SIA. I’ve checked and their red-eye flights are more expensive. However, you can get good deals for direct flights without layovers with SIA if you don’t mind the weird departure and arrival timings.
  • If the flight you want is available and the airfares is within your budget, don’t waste time and book it!
  • Once booked, select your seats. From what I understand with Emirates, the front row seats are always reserved, so the next best seats would be those near the exit doors for more leg room. For Emirates Airbus 380, the seats near the exits have blocked window views due to the aircraft wings. So, remember to check if the seats are near the aircraft wings! You don’t want a blocked window view now, do you? Next tip is to steer as far from the bassinet seats. You don’t want crying babies to disrupt your flight.
  • If in doubt about anything, call the airline. Emirates have generally nice customer service officers and you don’t have to wait long to get through to them.

And that’s about it! This will be my first time flying with the Emirates and I am looking forward to their much-raved about in-flight services, entertainments and their Halal menu.


Even though we’ve been together 9 years, the honeymoon will be our first solo trip ever together. They say, save the very best for special times, isn’t it? We sure are!

I cannot wait to go to the cities of my dreams and visit the places I’ve been dreaming to see. And of course, the shopping! We’ve written down places we want to visit, the tours we want to go on, the malls we have to go to. So next up would be to plan the itinerary for all our days there. Eekkkk, so much to do, so little time!

*Photo credit



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