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Wedding Essentials: The Official Wedding Hashtag


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Ahhh, now with the wedding hashtag problem!

I have been using NH for as long as I can remember as the initials to represent myself and Hafiz. Obviously, N for Nurul and H for Hafiz. I have been comfortable with sound of #theNHwedding as our official wedding hashtag. Unfortunately and by accident a few weeks back, I found that #theNHwedding has been used by some others to hashtag their wedddings on Instagram! 😦 It was annoying and slightly frustrating as. I’ve been tagging my photos and posts as such all this while! Hoping that I’ve seen wrong, I checked Instagram again today and saw that there are indeed already 78 posts, although I can’t see them all. Only mine. I think this is because the photos are private, isn’t it?

Private or not, being the drama-mama that I am and because I don’t wish to share my official wedding hashtag with anyone else (I HOPE! I da macam bridezilla ni!), I have decided on a new one. Just to be safe. Our wedding hashtag is now officially called:


Keke. Slight change only.

Yes, I’ve checked Instagram beforehand. Not tags yet!


I have since re-hashtagged all my photos with this new one. So hopefully, it remains this way till the wedding and beyond. I have also had to realign my blog slightly to change N+H to H+N and stuff. Tskk. With the pervasiveness of Social Media these days, I believe having a wedding hashtag is also an essential today, ey? Everything also have to and want to hashtag! Hehe!

Have you settled on your wedding hashtags? Remember to check if your chosen one is already existing on Instagram before you do! Good luck!


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