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Wedding Essentials: The ROMM Interview

Happy New Year Errrrbadeeeeee!

I hope that 2014 has been treating you all fine so far! I made no resolutions this year mainly because I never stick to them through the year. Here we are at the start of a new year and everything’s still the same. Just that I am getting married to the love of my life in:


AHH time flies, doesn’t it?

Maybe I’ll make just one resolution this year. I shall strive to be a better person; a much better daughter, sister, friend and a good wife when the time comes!

So, here’s a wedding update! On 23 December, we went to ROMM for our interview. Alhamdulillah, everything went smoothly. It was on a Monday and to avoid any potential crowd, we arrived at ROMM at 815am. The offices open at 830am and about 10 couples were already hovering on site. However, we were the first Muslim couple there meaning, we were first in queue for the ROMM interview! Didn’t mean to be kiasu!


Here’s a tip. When you enter, do not queue for the ticket machine to be assigned a number. This is specifically for the non-Muslims registration for ROM. We made that mistake and was told to go to the counter instead. For ROMM interview, all couples should head straight for the reception counter where the receptionist will assign you a number.

We were the first Muslim couple and it didn’t take more than 5 minutes for our number to be called. We headed to another counter behind this glass wall where a lady customer service officer printed out our application in a different format. We were asked to check that the details were accurate as any changes after that would incur a $15 fee per change. We were asked if we have sat through the marriage course and when I said yes, the lady asked for the certificates. Luckily, we have them with us. Then we signed against the printed application and were told to wait outside for our turn to meet the Kadi.

Again, no longer than 5 minutes later, our number was called. My father who is my Wali had to go in first to meet with the Kadi. In less than 10 minutes, my father was out and his part was done. I asked my father what was questioned and basically it was along the line of > Are you the biological father? Do you consent to the marriage?

So after that, both Hafiz and I were called in. The Kadi was Nor Razak Bin Bakar whose designation is the Deputy Registrar. I was very aware of his stern voice. He spoke with clarity and firmness it made me slightly nervous. Lol. He presented us with a printed copy of our application and again asked us to take a look through. He reminded us that all details should be correct, including our duit hantaran amount and mas khawin/mahar. He first confirmed with me of my father’s details and to confirm my mother’s full name. This is strictly for verification, I’m sure. Then came the questioning.

Did you both filled up this marriage application yourselves? Have both your families met? Are your families related? Have you both ever been married in Singapore or in any other countries whether by legal or non-legal means?

The Kadi asked if we had any questions after he was done. Then, we were told to ‘angkat sumpah’ (swear) individually in Malay that the information we have provided are all nothing but the truth in our application.  And then, we had to sign off once more and that’s it!

It was a very quick process. We were assigned our number slightly after 830am and was walking out of ROMM at 855am. That’s 25 minutes max. So, the tip is to reach early!


So, remember: Bring your NRICs and if you have attended the Muslim marriage course, do bring along your certificates. Dress code wise, for the brides, it is not compulsory to wear tudung. However, please keep your modesty in place. No sexy or revealing outfits!

That’s about it, really! The Kadi won’t be throwing you any random stones, so don’t worry! What he asks are what are necessary and relevant. You just have to answer him accordingly and be sure that all your information are correct.

Safe to say that we have cleared all the pre-requisites and are now officially ready to get married!

OH yes, I was thinking of doing a garage sale. More info in my next entry!


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