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Wedding Essentials: Wedding Trays / Dulang Hantaran

I have been itching to blog  ever since my last entry but as you know, I have been technologically handicapped. My brother-in-law declared that my hard disk had crashed and that it was not a software problem. I was hugely devastated  and was a mixture of these when he told me:



It took me a while to calm myself down. My sister was saying that I looked super stressed out later that evening. I can’t help it! Years of precious files and photos are in there! But I’ve calmed down now. This is me right now till forever or until we are able to fix the laptop. Sigh.


However, we are exercising one last option to see if he can salvage my laptop and the precious files in it. I am keeping a little bit of hope with me.

So, here I am on my work’s desktop and today I shall blog about my chosen wedding trays vendor (dulang hantaran):

Ribbons N Ties

Ribbons N Ties started way back in 2006 on by Kak Ila. (Remember Multiply? Whatever happened to it?) In 2009/2010, Kak Ila moved her business to Facebook. It is a one-woman show, where Kak Ila single-handedly helms the main aspect of the Gubahan services. What appeals to me about her expanding portfolio is that the trays are just refreshing to look at. Modern and chic. As with the trends today, her trays come with tray-tags. Let’s take a look at some of the themes that has been done before:

Basic 1-2 colours with ribbons & flowers

ribbonsnties0ribbonsnties0-1 I love pastel colours and I like how well the orange flowers matches the colours of the items on the tray!





White with some bling-a-ding!

In my opinion, you can never go wrong with white. Unless someone unfortunately spills some syrup on it!

And then, there’s the glamorous pink!





I love this shade of pink! It’s just so…. demure! Look at how beautifully the red roses compliments the baby pink!

Of course, there’s got to be blue!



Here are more white themes:




If you don’t want just basic colours, you can always go mod with these Shabby Chic theme!





As always, it is important to know what you want before you choose your vendor. Here are the 2 simple requirements that I personally want for my wedding trays:

ribbonsnties4Must be of modern, chic designs and not traditional Malay designs.

I have always imagined an English-themed decoration for my wedding. For that, the trays must be modern and not traditional. I don’t think this is a problem with the abundance of designs and themes that are available out there!

Must be elegantly arranged and not gaudy or cluttered.

Items exchanged between the bride and groom comes in many shapes and sizes today. Our items are! Therefore, the arrangement matters. I don’t want too many things going on around the trays. I want the emphasis to be on the items on the trays. In turn, the decorations on the tray should work to compliment the items.

Looking at Ribbons N Ties, I know that my 2 tiny requirements will be easily fulfilled. Right, Kak Ila? Hehe! Anyways, here are some questions I asked before confirming my package:

  • What are the packages available?
    • There is one standard package for 6 trays/dulangs with personalized name tags/quotes, 2 empty trays for bunga rampai and delivery for both sending of trays to the venue and collection of trays after the event. You can add on additional trays to the package at additional costs.
    • If you do not want to sign for a package, you may also opt for ala-carte trays. Ala-carte trays must be self-collected and returned. Delivery will incur additional fees.
  • Can I request for a customized tray?
    • The type of trays available are as per what you see in the Facebook Albums. Good news is, there will be new rustic, crate trays that are coming soon to Ribbons N Ties! All you white and earth colours lovers, take note!
  • Can I customize the colour-scheme and themes?
    • Yes, you can propose your own colour-schemes and themes. Kak Ila is open to new ideas and will try her best to give her customers what they requests for. She does not charge extras for this. Yes, you read it right! No extra charges for customized themes! However, please take note that combination of different designs  is not possible.
  • Can I personalize the tray-tags?
    • Yes, you can personalize based on your own ideas. Ribbons N Ties outsources their tray-tags to a trusted tag-vendor. If the tag-vendor replies with an okay, the tags will be printed according to your designs. Otherwise, a similar design will be proposed by the tag-vendor.
  • How much deposit do I have to make upon confirmation?
    • A 50% deposit is required upon confirmation.
  • When must the items be sent to Ribbon N Ties?
    • 3 weeks before the wedding.
  • When will the trays be delivered?
    • 1 to 2 days before the wedding.

* * *

I appreciate that Kak Ila is accommodating and is very receptive to questions asked.  Through my correspondences, I found that Kak Ila is a nice and sincere businesswoman. I honestly feel that her prices are extremely reasonable as compared to the market price today. What’s great is that she is open to new ideas and will work towards achieving the customer’s requests. This made me really comfortable, hence, my decision to book Ribbons N Ties.

Because I am so fickle when it comes to making decisions for the wedding, I have yet to decide on the tray and colours. I know it’s about time for me to settle these and I shall aim to do so by end month! Thank you Ribbons N Ties for accommodating my timeline!

So there’s my wedding trays’ vendor settled! If you have any questions, feel free to ask me!

To book a package with Ribbons N Ties, please visit their Facebook page right here!

*Disclaimer: This is not a PAID advertisement.

7 thoughts on “Wedding Essentials: Wedding Trays / Dulang Hantaran

  1. Salam, its great to bump into u here. I’m also a bride to be and preparations for the big day is quite a headache sometimes. Btw, thank u for sharing. I learnt alot from yr sharing. Anywy, may i know to contact ribbons and ties? I cant seem to send them msg via fb. Can u assist pls?

    1. Hi Eni, glad to know that my sharing is helping. Are you blogging anywhere? Do share! Anyways, try searching for Ribbons n Ties on FB. You should be able to find it! 🙂

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