Wedding Preparations

Hello, I’m Back!

Oh wow, it’s been incredibly long since my last update! I never thought I’d be too busy to update my blog but it has been a crazy-hectic four months. I was juggling too many things. It was my last semester in Uni and as usual, there were too many quizzes and assignments. Then, there’s work. Overwhelming work where I had to stay back in the office till beyond 7pm.  And of course, the never-ending wedding preparations never left my mind.

examsoverThis week Monday, I sat for my last finals paper. If everything goes well, I will graduate next year, InsyaAllah. I cannot wait! Many have asked me if I’ve been enjoying the whole preparation journey but in all honesty, I haven’t had the chance to! I have been stressed out in so many ways. I have always felt that the only time I could really focus and enjoy the wedding preparations is when the examinations are over and finally, I am free!

*Cues Elijah Wood’s end-of-battle face* Keke!

In what feels like the blink of an eye, we are now left with less than a 100 days to our big day! I had wanted to do a countdown starting from 100 days but I missed the mark. When I realised, there was already 98 days left! Time is speeding by too quickly, it’s terrifying! With 3 months left, it’s crunch time; I will now invest all my energy into the wedding now! Time to enjoy!

In the 16 weeks I’ve been on a hiatus, I have settled on 90% of the wedding vendors and I have updated my checklist here. Of course the objective have always been to get the vendors booked and settled so we can focus on the nitty gritty. I would like to do individual updates on the vendors and I hope I have the time to, so keep looking here! I have also changed my blog template!


Oh, did I mentioned that my laptop crashed right before I sat for my examinations!? It was the most horrendous timing ever. Sigh. Worst of all, I made no backups (GENIUS RIGHT?! *sobs*) and all my files, assignments, precious photos are in there! Ughhh. I am counting on my brother-in-law to salvage my laptop when he gets back from his business trip next week. I hope to God he saves it. And if he does, I’ll back all my files up first thing then treat him to Starbucks, lol. Otherwise, I will cry buckets of big fat tears. I’m now using my sister’s Macbook and having been a Windows user all my life, Mac feels foreign to me. I love the interface and I also know I will love Mac if I get used to it. So maybe, I’ll take this as a trial. Who knows, I might just switch!

Even though I’ve been on an impromptus hiatus, I have been pleasantly surprised at the number of visitors and new followers I’ve got on here. Hello, you all! 🙂

Anyways, I should have downloaded this app long ago but I only did so today. I’ve been mentally counting down in my head all this while! As at today, we are 93 days away from the wedding. WHAT.



4 thoughts on “Hello, I’m Back!

  1. hello there! oh yes i HATE it when the lappy crashes during crunch time, where you have back to back deadlines and the exams looming!! but glad it’s all over for you, dear! now you can sit back like a boss and plan your wedding. nice to see you updating your blog 🙂

    1. Hey! Sorry late reply!

      I feel sad I think of my laptop. So hard to do my work (blog, plan etc). Sigh. Want to sit back like a boss since exams and all are over tapi laptop takde howwwww!?

      And thanks for reading! 😉

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