Ramadhan Mubarak 2013!


I am delighted that Ramadhan is here again. There is no doubt that I look forward to Eid but the month of Ramadhan itself makes me really happy. The beautiful ambience of the holy month and the spirit of togetherness in the Islamic society here becomes very apparent and I love experiencing and being a part of it.

Every Ramadhan and even much more this year, I looked forward to performing the Terawih. I don’t know why my anticipation is increased this year but I came home from work today, grinning at my mother. I felt excited.

I have just gotten back from performing the first night of Terawih at a new assigned hall in my estate.  I live in an estate whereby the building of a mosque has been long-anticipated by the Muslim residents and unfortunately, greatly delayed. My neighbourhood is relatively new, considering the number of housing plots they are still developing. However, that didn’t stop the hall from being packed to the brim year after year with both the young and old. It was a refreshing sight.

I love the idea of sleeping early, or rather, trying to sleep early knowing that my mum or dad will wake me at 5am to have my sahur. I like texting my fiancé during sahur and asking him what he had eaten. I enjoy calling my sisters at their respective homes on behalf of my mother, to ensure that they and their families did not oversleep. But I hate having to go to work after that!

I love it when my sisters and their families come by over the weekend to break their fasts. It gets messy with the children but I relish such moments together. I get to see my young nephews break their fasts after a long day and most importantly, we all get to break out fasts together and then head out for our Terawih.

It gets slightly sentimental for me knowing that this will be my last year fasting as a single woman; that next year onwards, I will be somebody’s wife and that I will be the one waking up and preparing food for sahur for my husband. It makes me emotional to know that the routine I have gotten so used to during Ramadhan might change next year. Marriage comes with impending changes, we all know that. We just need some getting used to when the time comes.
That aside, I have some changes coming my way which I will blog about next time.


In the meantime, Salam Ramadhan from me and Happy Fasting everyone!


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