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Wedding Essentials: The Official Wedding Photographer

With just eight months (ohmygod) to go, I am very happy to say that I have booked all the various essential vendors for my wedding. This is a huge relief.

Needless to say, there will be many beautiful memories to take away from a wedding. Therefore, no wedding is complete without a professional photographer. This is going to be a wordy post but I promise there are beautiful pictures!


At the start, I didn’t know how and who to pick to oversee the photography aspects of my wedding. There are too many individuals and organisations out there, it is really tough. I started off with random searches online, followed Facebook pages of well-known local wedding photographers and asked for recommendations from family and friends. I read testimonials and looked through portfolios. There were just too many packages out there; I got a headache just looking at them! It made me so confused.

What made it harder was that everything is costly these days. Personally, I don’t mind paying but for quality and professional service. That’s imperative. Initially, I told myself that I will not splurge; that I will source for the most reasonable and sensible quotes. What matters is that the photographs turn out okay. No heads missing, no peculiar angles, no bad lightings. But that is not to be because as I look through all my receipts now, I realise I have booked pretty pricey packages for almost all my vendors!


I created an Excel spreadsheet and listed down all the quotations that came into my inbox. Still, I couldn’t decide. The fickle-minded me figured with the help of the fiancé, that I need to understand what I want in the deliverable end product. It took me weeks to narrow that down. Alhamdulillah, I have a very, very patient fiancé. I guess I took it pretty hard in deciding what I want. I think if the situation was reversed, I would have blown up in my fiancé’s face. Truthfully, I never thought of or intended to be a bridezilla (oh dear god, no) but I have honestly started to question myself as the months progressed. Ugh.

After much surveying and researching, I finally understood what I want. Here are my personal guidelines to booking the ideal photographer:

1. Colouring

I realised colouring matters the most to me. In fact, I chose my official photographer based on that. There are many effects and styles out there that vary from photographer to photographer. Personally, I want my photos to be bright and the colours lively and vibrant. I don’t want my photos to be highly edited with effects that the original colouring is hidden or lost. Simply put, I want the colours in the photos to be enhanced yet at the same time to have the original colourings sustained. It’s hard to explain but this is possible. Look at the below photos. I’m sold!





As put by the photographer, this colouring will still be relevant in the next decade or so and I couldn’t agree more.

2. Picture Perfect Moments

I want the beautiful and memorable moments during my wedding to be captured. After all, a wedding is once in a lifetime. I don’t want just any random shots. I want photographs that have meanings behind them; photographs that depicts the culture, tradition, emotions and most importantly, the people, family and friends, during the ceremony. Look at these:






3. End-Product(s)

I think it is very important to understand what your chosen package entitles you to. You may be willing to pay a steep amount but what’s the use if the end results are unsatisfactory?

I had many thoughts and ideas for my wedding album. Initially, I was a bit unsure about being up-front with the photographer about everything including my reservations. I didn’t want to sound anal about being detailed and rub her the wrong way even before I sign the agreement but not being sure about things just bother me. This is an added drawback of being a perfectionist. It just escalates during important preparations and decision-makings.

I did expressed what I want during our first two appointments with the photographer. The finer details will be discussed some weeks before the wedding. I hope everything goes well! Now, look at these stock-like photos:




4. The Photographer

Lastly, I strongly feel that it is important to be comfortable with the photographer you choose. After all, it will be two days of the photographer directing and photographing you in every angles and poses. I am glad I knew the photographer for awhile before I started my preps.

We met online. She is a friendly individual, someone who makes you feel comfortable even though it was our first meeting and feeds you with cupcakes and pavlova! I talk a lot; I am a very vocal person. I will feel weird when someone I am liaising with is very quiet. Thank god she is as communicative as I am! I like that she listens, understands and is honest and forthright about her shooting and editing styles. In such matters, trust is important and she makes my fiancé and I feel confident and assured about entrusting her with our wedding.

So, after all the babble, here’s introducing to you our official wedding photographer who fulfils all of the above and who owns all the stunning photographs in this post:



Say hello to Indriana from Pink Elephant Labs! The fiancé and I first met up with Indriana early this year. Such a great host she is! As we looked through her previous assignments, she served us cupcakes and pavlova, all from her own kitchen. They were delish!

PEL-Meetup with Indriana2

PEL- H01

Thank you Indriana for answering all our questions (mostly mine! The fiancé is a pretty simple person) and showing us your dazzling portfolio and sample albums and canvases! Thank you for treating me like an old friend of yours. I cannot wait to have you photograph us for our wedding/post-ceremony shoot! So excited!

For those who are still looking for a photographer for your special day, or even for any photography session (portrait, couple, maternity, newborn, family, outdoor), I highly recommend Pink Elephant Labs. Take a look at their stunning portfolio!

You can contact Indriana for a quote right here. And no, this is not an advertisement. Good things must share right? 🙂

Hope I’ve helped confused brides-to-be with my personal guidelines on picking the ideal wedding photographer. If you have any questions, don’t be shy to ask! Good luck!


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  1. Hey babe guess what, I’ve finally settle my wedding photographer! I’m taking Azee Photographyical, just had a meeting with them and yey, happy to have one more thing down! 😀

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