Fangirl Diary: The New Justin Timberlake Experience

Allow me to fangirl. It has been awhile. Nsync1

In my high school years and that was a good 13 years ago, I loved N’Sync. Not the buy-all-their-merchandise, follow-their-every-life-story type of fangirl; more of like, taping their MTVs and replaying it over and over on the television. One of my favourite tracks back then was This I Promise You. It’s still in my playlist today. It never gets old!

Nsync2This picture? I CAN’T EVEN. LOL.

Lance Bass used to be my favourite. While I thought he was the best-looking among them all, I found that Justin Timberlake had too curly mop of a hair. And the rest, I just didn’t care.


Then, Justin went solo and went on to have some great tracks to his name like Sexyback, What Goes around Comes Around and Cry Me a River. Then he stopped making music and went to venture the big screens.

Old2 Old4And then, six years later and married, he returned with The 20/20 Experience; with a comeback performance of Suit & Tie at the 55th Grammys Awards. I was immediately blown away by his new tracks, his stage presence and performance; I had never doubt his stage performances! More surprisingly, I was blown away by his new look and that’s because I never found him attractive before.

Perform3 Perform2 Perform1 ???????????????????????????

Well, here’s what changed my mind. Look at that!

RedCarpet3 RedCarpet2

That’s a major overhaul on the physical image there! I am convinced that a man’s hairstyle really defines and sets his whole look. This is a case in point for JT. Look at that old-school side-parting style and the suit and bow-tie  Not everybody can carry it off well but the outfit fits him like a glove. Oh why so dapper?

I think marriage did absolute wonders on him! Looks aside, his performance went on to show that he still got it in him, if not better. I used to be annoyed at how his music was always crowded with him singing in his upper register/vocal range but it seems this time round, he’s changed that as well!

Grammys13The 55th Annual GRAMMY Awards - Backstage And Audience

What a handsome couple. I confess. I am a fangirl. It’s been a really long time since I fangirl-ed anybody and they usually are  footballers. This is a change.

I am currently repeating two of his new tracks: Mirrors & Suit & Tie. Below are my three favourite LIVE performances from him. This is pop music restored. He absolutely killed it. Look at him move, ladies. Just look at him.

Good things must share right? Tell me you are converted already if you are not a fan before after watching these videos!  ENJOY!

P/s: I have been harassing the fiance to try out JT’s new hairstyle and he’s not convinced. Something about “I can’t carry it off, blah blah.” Sigh. GUYS.


5 thoughts on “Fangirl Diary: The New Justin Timberlake Experience

  1. I TOT I WAS THE ONLY ONE WHO FIND HIM MORE HANDSOME NOW!! Sorry capslock heh! I dun like him then but i loveeee him now AFTER his boybands days. And i absolutely love his Mirrors performance at The Grammys! 😀 watch him perform on Ellen toooooo!

    1. HAHA. YAY, Someone who agrees with me! I thought he is looking ridiculously suave now! The hair, the suits, the songs! So hot! I love Mirrors the most. Did you see his Brit Awards performance?! HIS MOVES. HAI.

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