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Keeping Fit; Earn Your Body

Ola everyone! I am, at long last, done with all my assignments for this semester last Thursday. It has been incredibly frantic. I let myself relax for a few days and have now started on my revisions. My first paper is next week. Fortunately, I only have two papers to sit for and there’s a lengthy gap of a week between them.


Now, I have a confession to make. Remember how I fervently expressed about wanting to keep fit and lose some weight? I am ashamed to say that I have failed miserably in keeping discipline. I was so good at it at the very get go; so determined and so fired up that these elements on its own surprised me.

Sadly, it all went downhill when I was unwell for a few weeks in March. I tried to do some light jogging on one of the sick days but I was panting so badly, I thought I was going to have an asthma attack after years of not having one. When I thought I was much better, I tried jogging again and my stamina was unbelievably low. I could barely jog. Doing a slow, light jog felt like an obscene amount of overexertion. I told the fiancé I can’t; I needed to get fully well before I resume any form of exercise.  I attempted doing Zumba too but the outcome was the same.

Keep Fit - 4 Percent

And when I was finally fully well, it became hard. Like unbelievably hard and you know the story after; I kept saying I’ll start tomorrow/next week. School and deadlines became the core excuse but hey in my defence. I really needed to work on my assignments! I just didn’t try hard enough to slot in my jogging sessions and balance my time.

Keep Fit - Stop Saying Tomorrow

Truth be told, I sorely miss and want the determination I had from the early part of the year. I worked out for a week and visible results were observed. I kept thinking, if only I had pushed on and continued with the regime I set back then… I would probably have lost a good amount of weight by now!  I WAS AND STILL AM SO DISAPPOINTED WITH MYSELF.

But I told myself that instead of wallowing in self-pity due to something that I have caused myself, I should quit wasting time and get back into my keep fit routine. The timing is perfect now. Classes have ended. Assignments are over. Once the exams are over, I will have about a three-month long school holiday.

Keep Fit - It Never Gets Easier

It’s going to be equivalent to being back to the square one but if I could have done it back then, surely I can do it again now! I just need to be responsible about what I want and how I am to accomplish the end goal. The only ingredient is: DISCIPLINE.

Since this week Monday, I am slowly easing back into my keep fit routine and I am back to watching what I eat again.  The temptations are there but I managed thus far. I hope it will be this way till the wedding and beyond!

As much as the keeping fit component is largely about having a lovely physique and looking fab at my wedding, it is also about maintaining a healthy lifestyle that I hope will benefit me in years to come.  But right now, it’s all for the wedding and about feeling good about my body.

Keep Fit - You Earn Your Body

I have NINE short months left to the big day. I have to move it and I will because I earn my body and I will earn it the fit way!


One thought on “Keeping Fit; Earn Your Body

  1. Go easy on yourself, sweetie. I bet you’ll get your focus back on in no time.. Just be sure that you’re having fun while at it 😉 Cheerin’ you on now! Go girl! *high five!*

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