Skincare Review: SO TOTALLY CLEAN Everyday Cleanser by Formula 10.0.6

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????I have sensitive skin and I have been having the agonizing problem of recurring pimples on my cheeks. This made me worried about trying out new products for fear of it aggravating my skin condition. However, I thank the founder of Sephora for the brand had reinstated my faith in giving new products a try. So far, all the products I’ve gotten from there have worked on my skin! One of their products that I am truly satisfied with is their Sephora’s Triple Action Cleansing Water. I bought a bottle and it lasted me months. Based on my own experience, I realised that water-based products are safer and gentler to use on sensitive skin.

Because of the confidence on how receptive my skin was to the water-based make-up remover, I decided to give a new brand a go. I went down to Watsons, the trusted beauty store, and looked at the brands on display. Right at the bottom shelf, I saw a range of products from a brand that I have never heard of but was attracted to due to their packaging, typography and all: FORMULA 10.0.6, an Australian skincare range.

I was looking for a cleanser and I reached out for the only one on display:

SO TOTALLY CLEAN Everyday Cleanser Sensitive Formula (Cucumber + Sea Kelp) -by FORMULA 10.0.6


FORMULA 10.0.6 excels at perfecting troublesome young skin with ingredients that work. Created by a chemist in 1933, the current range now includes skin care products specifically designed to promote clear, healthy skin.

I don’t know if my skin still qualifies as young (I want it to be, lol) but I whipped out my iPhone and googled the brand. There was a lady halfway around the world who commented that she isn’t young but it works for her nonetheless. There were mixed reviews but I don’t really depend on reviews anyways knowing how crazy my skin is. Mainly because it was water-based and because I had a good experience with one, I decided to give it a shot.

It must have been a month since I got the cleanser and I am happy to say that it is almost as good as Sephora’s Triple Action Cleansing Water! There wasn’t any adverse reaction on my skin such as the occurrence of a breakout or dry flaky skin. Nothing of the sort! There wasn’t any tingling either except for when you apply it on sore pimples. Oh, the product doesn’t run out fast, it seems. Look at how much more I have left after using it for a month.

Formula1006 - So Totally Clean 01

Here’s my review:

SO TOTALLY CLEAN Everyday Cleanser Sensitive Formula is water-based containing cucumber, sea kelp and chamomile. The alcohol-free, product is cooling and smells like a medicinal liquid. Simply, pour a 50 cents coin size onto your cotton pad and that is sufficient enough to wipe your whole face! However, I usually repeat another two times on two new cotton pads. They say your face is only clean when your cotton pad remains near white/white in colour after you cleanse. And the best thing is that the liquid is safe for use around the eye area, which makes it a win-win 2-in-1 product!

The result from my cleansing tonight and just like every other night:

Formula1006 - So Totally Clean 03

From left: First wipe, second wipe and third wipe


I love how my skin feels after the cleansing routine: smooth, soft, transparent and refreshed, which makes me really happy! I usually cleanse my face before I take my shower and I noticed that when I work my facial gel of another brand onto my wet face , my skin feels extra smooth and fresh! This is a result I have never gotten from any other cleanser I’ve used. I will definitely get it once my bottle finishes! Also, for 200ml, the cleanser is selling at a mere SGD$10+ which I feel is really reasonable!

Oh, this cleanser also doubles up as a toner! DOUBLE WIN! For those of you who wish for a fuss-free and easy-to-use cleanser, this one here do not necessarily require you to rinse your face after use!

Product information taken from Formula 10.0.6:

This gentle, alcohol-free cleanser and toner can be wiped directly over skin for an almighty cleanse that will leave skin refreshed, pure and gloriously soft. Fresh, natural botanicals start saving skin at once, unclogging pores and removing make-up, oil and impurities for a clear, radiant and positively glowing complexion.

* Cucumber is praised for its cooling and cleansing powers, while soothing Sea Kelp washes over skin to detoxify, clear oil and heal impurities. Spotless, sparkling skin anyone?

This cleanser is defintely worth a try in my opinion. However, do take note that my results may not mirror yours should you try it! If you do try, let me know if it works for you!

For fellow Singaporeans and friends from Malaysia, you can get yours at the Watsons stores! Happy Trying!


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