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Wedding Essentials: The 4-Tier Wedding Cake

Throwback to 24th March 2014, Sunday;weddingcake_openhouse_invite

My fiancé and I attended Perfect Frosting & Our Midas Touch 2nd Exclusive Open House. This was an event showcasing several wedding service providers and I got wind of the open house while I was looking at cakes on Perfect Frosting Facebook Page.

I have been searching for vendors doing wedding cakes and while searching, there was one issue that I had. I told my fiancé about the pricing to expect today and he asked a very simple question: How would I know if the vendor I eventually choose bakes tasteful cakes?

We both know the market price for wedding cakes these days is hefty. I want something stunning that will fit into my theme, something that I have always dreamed off and something that I feel good paying expensively for. I know I will never be able to know unless I taste the cake myself or depend solely on testimonials. But then again, individual taste bud differs from people to people. And this open house was held at the most opportune time with cake samples available! I thought, just perfect!

Side story a little bit. Perfect Frosting is quite a known brand name for a wedding cake vendor today. I have browsed through their albums and seen how absolutely gorgeous their wedding cakes are; how intricately drawn the details are and how their simple and plain designs look neat and yet elegant. Simply on their product photos, I thought, Perfect Frosting will be one of my options for my wedding cake.


We arrived at the venue, Royal Palm @ Singapore Flyer at about 4pm. Royal Palm also provide rental of venue for holding wedding receptions, so fellow brides who are considering something other than a multi-purpose hall, you may consider Royal Palm! Look at the view it has to offer:


The open house venue was relatively small but spacious enough with the vendors spaced out just right. I headed straight for Perfect Frosting’s booth because that was my prime focus: to have a taste of the cake and to make a decision.

We were attended to by a very nice young lady named Ain. She was sincere and attended to every question of mine. What I really like and appreciate was that she did not push for us to make a booking. Pushy sales promoters turn me off and this makes one of my pet peeves! I don’t want to be rushed into booking for something until I am sure, which is why I like to research before narrowing down the list of probable vendors. After all, a wedding is once in a lifetime, unless you intend on marrying more than once! Hehe!

A plate of chocolate and vanilla cake was brought to the table for us to sample. I love cakes and I thought the cake tasted pretty good! However, the fiancé is a pastry-lover and he is harder to please. When he gave his nod of approval, I felt relief.


We flipped through a catalogue with pages after pages of beautiful designs with beautiful names. Soon enough, two designs caught my eyes. I needed some time to think so I told Ain to give us a while.

weddingcake_openhouse_options2 weddingcake_openhouse_options1

It didn’t take us or rather, me long though. To be honest, the wedding is making me a mess when it comes to decisions and turning me into a fickle-minded freak. So, I trust the fiancé completely. His approvals make it easier for me, I realise!

We went back to Ain. I initially wanted only a 3-tier cake to fit my budget but the fiancé persuaded me to get a 4-tier cake. His reasons were as simple as it was more worthy to get the 4-tier cake. He actually did the Math pretty quickly. I didn’t even think of it. Ain mentioned that for any booking above $500 done at the open house, you get a 10% off. It was a pretty good deal alright!

So, these were the 2 designs that I caught my attention:

White Lace – Look at how pretty the white is against the backdrop! You can never go wrong with white, in my opinion!

PerfectFrosting_WhiteLace01 PerfectFrosting_WhiteLace02

Vignette (Gold) in 4-tier instead of 3. This was one of my options because of the color scheme I have in mind for my wedding decorations.

PerfectFrosting_Vignette01 PerfectFrosting_Vignette0

Photos taken from Perfect Frosting FB with permission from Kak Fai.

What do you guys think? Yay or nay? Vote your preference!

A deposit was placed and a date was set for Sunday, 24th February 2014! The top-most tier will be a cake dummy and the rest will be the real cake itself. I intend to have both vanilla and chocolate flavoured cake. The price is inclusive of the rental of tiers, rental of accessories, setup and delivery!

Guests were invited to eat from a buffet line of wedding dishes and so we did before we leave the venue.

weddingcake_openhouse05 weddingcake_openhouse06 weddingcake_openhouse13

There’s my fiancé enjoying his naan. Look at how he is holding his fork & spoon… So cute!


And so, we have settled on yet another wedding vendor. It feels really good to tick wedding vendors off the long list!

I still have to book a vendor for the decorations of the wedding venue. We will be making appointments with a few potential vendors. Hopefully, my mom and I can settle on this by May!

Till then, hope this entry helps fellow brides-to-be in selecting their wedding cake vendor! 🙂

To contact Perfect Frosting, visit their FB page here.


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