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Wedding Essentials: Bridal Henna

Between December and now, I have booked quite a number of wedding vendors. We have settled on the food caterer, the wedding cake, the photographer and the bridal henna.


One trademark of a Muslim bride is to have henna inked on their hands and feet on their big day. Although I’ve heard of brides going without henna and opting for French manicure and pedicure instead, bridal henna is still a popular essential among Muslim brides in Singapore today. I, for once, have never intended to go without henna. I will still make an appointment with the nail salon to clean my cuticles and shape my nails before my henna night but no French mani/pedi. I think having elaborated bridal henna on you accentuates you as a bride, something that differentiates you from the others.


There are numerous vendors doing bridal henna today and most famously, you can definitely find one to do yours by visiting lanes and shop houses in Little India. I did not go through the hassle because I’ve long decided on one vendor: Syra Skins.

I don’t really know much about the background of Syra Skins but the vendor has been famously sought after in recent years. I have been following their portfolio and I am impressed. They are really the leaders in bridal henna. One prime factor of their service is their intricate designs matched with beautifully placed Swarovski crystals. Their Facebook and Instagram pages rain with testimonials from satisfied brides and bore proof to their beautiful work. I love how bright the red/brown of the henna turns out on almost all of their brides.

weheartit_bridalhenna4Henna designs for hands now come in four different lengths: up to wrists, above wrist, mid forearm and elbow. I booked my hand henna for wrists only. I think the lengths of the henna really depend on your individual preferences. For me, I relate it to my probable bridal outfits for the wedding. Because I intend to wear a long-sleeved gown and a long-sleeved traditional outfit for 2 out of my 4 outfits, I feel that the length of up to wrists will suffice. Personally, I don’t think I will fancy how the skin on my arms will look like once it exfoliates if I pick something above wrists length. Same goes for my feet. Besides, all my bridal outfits will be of full-length and nobody will get to see the henna anyways!


I don’t have a particular design for my hands in mind yet but I would like something modern and not too typically Indian. I definitely want something that covers my fingers but not too covered and cluttered on the top hand. For my feet, I love this design that Syra Skins did on a bride.

syraskins1Photo credit: Syra Skins Facebook Page. Click to enlarge the photo. All other photos in this blog entry were taken from We Heart It.

I love the curvy outline done around the perimeter of the feet. It’s perfect. And look at those perfectly placed Swarovski! So, a similar design like this for my feet would be perfect!

I’ve booked my session with Syra Skins for my henna night. Thankfully, all slots were available for me when I placed my booking, so I was free to choose for the day. A deposit has been placed for Friday, 21st February 2014, a day before my solemnization. I hope the henna stain will turn out beautiful and deeply red or dark brown!

If any fellow bride-to-be is still undecided on picking a vendor for your bridal henna, I think Syra Skins is the vendor to choose! For more of Syra Skins designs, do visit their Facebook page.

Till my next entry! And hello to all the fellow bride-to-be who are following my blog since my last entry! *waves*


2 thoughts on “Wedding Essentials: Bridal Henna

  1. I really love henna tattoos, used to do it with my sister when we were younger all the times. (Guess, that’s why I long to have a real tattoo.) I never knew it had such a meaning in other cultures. Those tattoos look gorgeous! Could you post close up pics once you have yours? I wanna see =)

    1. You know how to draw henna tattoos? Cool! I tried before but it was ugly, lol! Of course I will post mine up!

      p/s: Sorry I have yet to reply to your email. I have been busy with assignments and some other stuff which I will share with you in my reply! AND your niece is SO CUTE OMG! I want to see more pictures!

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