A Saturday Wedding with Friends


Saturday saw us attending a friend’s younger brother’s wedding at Chijmes.

It was an afternoon reception and we met up at the venue with the rest of the gang. Heading into the reception hall, the first thing that hit me when I settled in my seat at the table was the splash of pastel and modern English colours that draped the tables and covered the chairs. It was a mixture of white and ivory/champagne. The fresh white, yellow and pink flowers are the colours of the flowers I have in mind for my wedding (except for yellow). It was lovely to actually have a live preview of one.





I did not expect us to stay long at the wedding but we were there for about 3 hours! Having had the main course of Beryani rice, we helped ourselves to the pastries and ended up chit-chatting and enjoying each other’s company. I have always liked hanging out with my fiancé’s friends. It is never dull with them around. They are so ridiculously funny, I can tone abs from all the laughing!




Friends for 7 years and counting!

As the wedding came to an end, it was time for the speeches. When it was the little sister of the groom’s turn to speak, she cried into the microphone and guess what, people? I was literally fanning myself to stop the fat tears that have gathered in my eyes from spilling! My fiancé knew me well enough that he was kind of immune but everyone at the table was laughing at me after they got over the surprise! I am not even related to the groom and bride and yet, I got all sappy at their emotional speeches! Sigh!


Instant group-shot we took which accompanied our message in the guestbook for the newlyweds!

Ignore my sleepy eyes but here is my very simple pastel make-up for the wedding:


I am using Sephora Brightening and Hydrating Foundation, MAC Studio Fix face powder, The Body Shop Warm Bronzer, all-time favourite IN2IT Black Eyeliner (sale has long discontinued in Singapore, so I got mine across the causeway), The Hyper Curl Volume Express mascara by Maybelline and Moccasin Lip color by Topshop.

It was a well-spent Saturday, filled with endless jokes and laughter. It is always good to catch-up with the gang!

This wedding made me toy around with ideas I have not thought of before to exercise for my own wedding. I need to set aside some time soon to finalise the theme and color schemes for my wedding. There are loads of brainstorming and designs to search on and look at and I am hoping to get it done in the next month, Insyallah!

In the meantime, goodnight!


Oh, and not forgetting, a BIG hello to all my new blog followers! *waves*


8 thoughts on “A Saturday Wedding with Friends

  1. hello hello fellow btb!

    that’s such a pretty wedding lah! i had some friends who went and Instagrammed the reception + someone in my Facebook was one of the bridesmaids so there was no way i could’ve missed noticing this pretty wedding that you went to.

    and such a unique venue! didn’t know they can accommodate malay weddings.

    1. Hello you! It was indeed a beautiful wedding. I didn’t know Chijmes accommodates Malay weddings until I went to this one. I thought it’d be expensive but the costs is quite reasonable. Considering the venue for your reception? 🙂

      1. unfortunately no, since i’ve already booked another venue for my reception! but good to keep it in mind in case my friends or family asks for venue recommendations heh

    2. Not sure why I can’t reply to your latest comment but just a heads up. The reception was actually held in the church @ Chijmes. I don’t know if they hold is anywhere else there.

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