To Hope For a Miracle


Photo credit Arsenal.com

Arsene Wenger has lost his marbles. There, I’ve finally said it.

Many fans have long agreed and identify with the above statement. But I have always had faith in Wenger. Regardless of some of his questionable movements that he led within the club, I always believe he had it all figured out for the end goal.

Tonight, we play Bayern Munich at their home ground. We go having lost embarrassingly at home and Arsene, lo and behold, decides that this would be the opportune time to rest Szczeney, the most reliable keeper we have in the squad. His replacement is the unstable Fabianski. He’s no Victor Valdes. Neither is he anywhere close to being Joe Hart.

I can’t put my finger on it if Arsene had made his decision based on practicality or that he is already accepting defeat face on. Assuming he is trying to be realistic here; he most probably is resting Szczeney to focus on the remaining EPL campaign, the crucial matches that will decide if we qualify for Europe next season and sure, we need our keeper to be in form.

To be honest, I have always been keeping faith. I always believe in the impossible but I have met with disappointment after disappointment when it comes to Arsenal. I even compared Barcelona’s situation to Arsenal’s. If Barcelona was losing 0-2 on aggregate and went on to win 4-2 in the second leg, it is possible. Unfortunately, we are NO Barcelona. We can’t compare.

Even though I understand that it is pretty impossible to win at Bayern, I think there is always a slight chance of a miracle in any given situation. It depends on luck mostly.

You see, my point is impossible as it may seem, Arsene should send in the best squad to the game tonight to try. We need to see them try and go for it! The players have had ten long days of rest. That should have pretty damn well-rested Szczeney and every other player. Injuries, I can comprehend but to rest a player at this point in time, it’s ludicrous. Hasn’t Arsene always been optimistic? It’s almost like Arsene is giving up. How could he? Arsenal is on the losing end but Arsene should have decided better on his squad selection. It’s unbelievable. Resting a player at this point? He’s gone mad and I am confused.

And what is this I hear about Carzola, Theo, Koscielny and Metersacker being left out of the squad? I can’t even, for goodness’ sake!

This makes it harder to get up at 345am to watch a team who has been instructed to win a game with a squad who is not even a 100%. Yes, I am waking up. That is how deep my passion for the game and the club is.

Arsene could have done better is all I am saying and thinking.

Despite the above, if we score the first goal in the first 15 minutes, little strings of hope will gather in my fragile heart. If we score two in the first half, I would probably be sick for the rest of the game.

So what will it be?

The verdict will be served in 7 hours. Here’s to hoping for a little miracle.



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