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Falling sick and losing those first few difficult kilos

On Sunday evening, I went to bed grouchy all because of Arsenal’s horrid defence against Spurs which led to another loss. I have had a bad Sunday evening and I had hoped for Arsenal to win to end my weekend on a high but who was I kidding, counting on Arsenal to make my weekend end right when we have been sickeningly predictable this season just like many others? Sigh Arsenal, why is it so hard to be your fan?

How did we go from this:


to this??


It was near 2:30am when I went to bed, still seething from Arsenal’s agonising display on the pitch. I dozed off somehow subconsciously and was jolted up at 3:05am with a nauseating feeling on the right side of my stomach. Bile was accumulating at the back of my throat, tampering with my physical being and sanity.

I heaved myself up from bed, on the light and scoured my room for a plastic bag in a panic-mode. I never like vomiting in the toilet be it in the comfort of my own home or in public places. It will only make me even sicker no matter how clean the toilet is. So, I got on my knees next to my bed and threw up my entire dinner. I was vomiting so hard, tears rolled down my cheeks, my eyes bloodshot.

The pain in my stomach was unbearable; I concluded it was even worse than menstrual cramps and menstrual cramps have always been my number 1 source of agony. I woke my mom up, crying. Yes, I am a baby. Mum got up from her slumber as soon as she saw me crying, went to the kitchen and poured me half a glass of Omum water. You know you can depend on your mother when you fall sick in the middle of the night anytime, anywhere. Mothers are superwomen. *salutes*


Omum water is suitable to be taken for stomach discomforts.

Despite consuming Omum water, I was in misery. I was writhing in bed. Lying down in bed for comfort felt like pure torture. I knew it was something to do with what I ate and I deduced it could be food-poisoning. I was sleepy but I couldn’t sleep!

But when I finally did fell asleep, I slept through my alarm and only got up at 935am, 1.5 hours after I was to arrive at work! I had wanted to text my manager to tell her that I was going to visit the clinic but I thought it was inconsiderate and inappropriate to be texting her at 5am in the morning. I was in full-blown panic-attack when I realised I had missed calls and text messages from the office.

This has never happened before. It was the first time where I accidentally went ‘MIA’ from work. It was unintentional. My mind was in overdrive thinking about how the bosses would perceive my conduct at work considering I have only been in this company for 4 months. I was so embarrassed and was on the brink of tears when I read the messages from my colleagues asking about me. I proceeded to return the calls one by one, apologising. Thankfully, my director and manager were understanding about my situation and were worried if anything had happened to me while I was on the way to work. But still, I felt horrible.

And to make things even worst, I waited 2 hours for the doctor and left the clinic near 3 hours later. But this was the clinic I frequent and the medicine they issue usually works wonder on me. I had no choice.

I don’t remember ever having food poisoning but the woe of going through it is something I never want to be attacked with again. The effects of food poisoning don’t go away overnight and it usually takes a few days.

Just when I thought I was getting to a 100% better, I got all feverish last night and woke up with inflammation of the throat, blocked and running nose and aches all over my body. What is this? I don’t know if it was the remnants of food poisoning that caused the fever. I hate going to the doctor. The waiting time is a major problem.

Actually, I just hate falling sick. Don’t we all? The recovery process is tiring.

Lethargy kicked in my body and I didn’t manage to work out for 5 straight days. The whole will to lose weight has changed my mind-set dramatically. I was worried about gaining back the weight I’ve lost.

Oh I almost forgot. I weighed myself at the clinic on Monday and was pleasantly shocked to see that I have lost weight! Want to know how much I lost?

3.5 KILOS. And that is in a week!

I hope the weighing machine in the clinic and the electronic one at my sis’ place are both accurate. I’ll give a plus minus 0.5 to 1 kilo. That’s still a minimum lost of about 2.5 kilos and I take comfort in the decreasing numbers!

I don’t think it’s the food poisoning that contributed to a whole lot of it because I vomited only once. I gave it some thought. Obviously I take this seriously and I don’t want to be fooling myself but I believe that it’s due to my undying perseverance and commitment to jogging, doing Zumba and Soca as well as doing sit-ups and leg lifts. I also reduced my servings per meal by half.

It wasn’t easy for me to feel as motivated and disciplined to lose weight as I am these days. I always fail in exercising. So when I missed 5 days of workout, I started to worry. Despite being slightly weak still, I did a short 17 minutes of Zumba/Soca, 120 sit-ups and 100 leg lifts per leg tonight. I will need to make up for the days I missed soon.

Support and encouragement also play a crucial part in my perseverance to lose weight. My parents and fiancé did mention that they are seeing a difference in my physique. To be honest, I don’t see any difference initially but today I finally did. It’s very slight but I am so happy that this is working out!

I am actually feeling much better now than I did a few hours ago as I typed this entry. Thank you, Allah! I will share my exercising routine the next time. In the meantime, good night and Thank God It’s Friday tomorrow!


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