Being In Love

“Don’t ever let her go!”

The fiance and I were waiting by the roadside for my parents to fetch us yesterday afternoon and we were both laughing hysterically over a joke when an Indian man, sober (we noticed) and about mid 50s in age, interrupted us.

Indian man: Can I say something?

The fiancé: Yes?

Indian man: *points to me followed by a thumbs-up* She is a good girl. I have been watching you both from just now and I can tell she is a good girl.

Me: *smiled tightly, surprised* Uncle, how would you know?

The fiancé: *smiles* (At this point as I recalled, my fiancé was actually glowing in the face, I wonder why! Aww!)

Indian man: *speaks straight to the fiance* I tell you… don’t ever let her go!

By this point, both of us were confused and not really sure where this man is going with his words. We were also aware of a lady and some other passerbys overhearing the animated proclamations of the stranger and looking over at us.

I think it was the way the man spoke and how serious and sincere he sounded that both my fiancé and I laughed appreciatively.

Indian man: Remember, don’t ever let her go, I tell you. Until I die.

(He said ‘I’ but I really think he meant ‘YOU’, LOL).

And he boarded the bus that arrived, leaving us both in hysterics!

As the bus ferrying the uncle disappeared around the corner, the fiancé turned to me, raised his eyebrows mockingly and went, “Eh eh, Nurul ada peminat eh!”

Translation: “Wah wah, you’ve got a fan ey, Nurul!”


I’m not going to deny; I don’t know from where and how the uncle made his deductions but it felt good to hear his compliments. Hey, who doesn’t love a good old compliment?

Well, thank you strange uncle. You made my day even better yesterday! Now I have some sort of a weapon to use against my fiancé! I’ve used it… 2 to 3 times the last 24 hours! Haha!


May we both be strongly in love even more tomorrow and infinitely as we go along, Insyallah!

2 thoughts on ““Don’t ever let her go!”

  1. Haha such a funny n weird incident..maybe the uncle has sixth sense can know you’re a good girl just by seeing you..hehe

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