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Wedding Essentials: My Dream Bridal Company

Time-check: It is less than a year to my solemnisation! I have been trying to sort everything out as soon as I possibly can but unfortunately being the perfectionist that I am, I am still sourcing out for some of the wedding necessities. However, I am so very relieved that the bookings for the two most important wedding essentials have been made. Here’s an update!

Wedding Essentials 1: Wedding Bridal Company – BOOKED!


This, by far, was to me the most pivotal decision of my wedding preparations I have had to make because this will determine how I will look on my big day. The make-up artist, stylist and outfits will play a significant part definitely!

I have always had this one bridal company, my dream bridal company, that I was determined to book to doll me as a bride but I thought, why not source the market and see what’s out there? And I did.

Prior to making any decision, I sourced the internet for local bridal companies, made a few calls and figured out the market rates for booking a bridal company today. The prices have escalated immensely. In 1995, my eldest sister paid +/- $1,300 for 6 pairs of outfits while in 2002, my second sister paid approximately $1,700 for 7 pairs of outfits. And lo and behold, the rates for 2012/2013 are:

Approximately +/- $2,800 for 3 pairs of outfits!

weddingdress2I first fixed an appointment with a bridal company that housed their business in their semi-detached home. The people were friendly but their bridal collections were outdated and their designs were limited. My mom and fiancé agreed. When we left the appointment, at the back of my mind laid my dream bridal company.

After awhile, I decided to call my dream bridal company. Enough sourcing, I thought. I called to fix an appointment and the receptionist was kind to share with me about the company’s participation in the Wedding/Bridal Expo over the coming weekend. She even mentioned there will be some promotional discounts added on and it will be more worthwhile to attend the expo and book a date there. How very kind of her!

I had wanted to attend the Wedding/Bridal expo on Sunday but my dad firmly told me to go on Friday night, which was the first night of the exhibition. After I told him about how in-demand my dream bridal company is, he didn’t want me to miss a chance on booking a date with it.

Upon arriving at Singapore Expo, right at the entrance was my dream bridal company station, in all its glory.

Fatimah Mohsin, The Wedding Gallery (FMTWG)


Fatimah Mohsin is Singapore’s most renowned Malay make-up artist and her impressive and growing portfolio extends to local celebrities. She is the maestro of bridal make-up and styling and she designs her own wedding gowns. She is also the hands behind the dolling up of our local celebrities during Singapore’s TV shows. And she is my dream wedding make-up artist!
I have never met her in person, only saw her on TV and in pictures but as I walked past her station at the expo where she was attending to another couple, she looked up and smiled. There and then, I knew she was going to be a delight to work with. I told her I personally would like to speak to her and not to her employees and she asked me to come back in 30 minutes.

I walked around the expo and were handed flyers from other bridal companies. Some had pretty good deals, cheaper even but my thumping heart was already settled for FMTWG. Looking back, I guessed I must have walked around the expo only to kill time for 30 minutes to pass. Lol. Call me excited, but it is my wedding and I am allowed to be overly excited if I want to! Hehe!


Finally, we (my mom, my fiancé and I) were seated with the bridal make-up guru, Fatimah Mohsin. Right at the start, I was upfront with her about my budget and what I want and she listened to every single word I said. She showed me the packages available and photographs of her recent brides. They were absolutely gorgeous! I told her what are the different outfits that I am thinking of wearing and she told me there was no issues with that and that she will have new designs by the time I go to my first fitting. My fiancé didn’t want anything too traditional and we highlighted that to Fatimah. She gave some clever suggestions on mixing modern with traditional so that my fiancé will be comfortable in them. My fiance, who left it to me to decide, admitted that he was happy with the direction of Fatimah’s company and how she was going to listen to our ideas and make it work.

Here are some of FMTWG’s bridal gowns/designs.

Photo Credits: All photos below belongs to Fatimah Mohsin TWG Instagram account & taken by Fandy Razak:








I have always known that to get Fatimah to do the make-up on me herself, there will be an additional charge of $500. That’s because she is the finest out there. At least to me, she is and to many other former brides of hers and brides-to-be, I’m sure! I told her that I want her to do my make-up, not her fellow employees whom she taught herself. As she checked her calendar, my fragile heart was beating hard against my ribcage. I was thinking, please let her be available on my wedding day.

And after awhile, she replied, “Okay, there is still a slot for 22nd and 23rd. Yes, I am available.” My dream came true!

And there and then, my dates with the dream make-up company were booked. A 30% deposit was made to secure my dates. The package I selected was the one with 4 pairs of outfits with the expert herself doing the make-up on me. It was pricey but I didn’t mind it at all. A wedding is once in a lifetime and I am willing to spend a bit more if that gets me what I want! Most importantly, I am assured of a splendid service for my wedding and my dream is going to come true! Alhamdulillah!


Free personalised candy from FMTWG.

A million thanks to my father for asking me to go on the first night of the exhibition. Because if I had gone on the last day, I don’t think I would have secured a date with the company. So, thank you, Dad and thank you Mom for accompanying me and giving your 2 cents worth on everything! Much love, you two!


I am so relieved that this is settled. I was pretty stressed out at the start!

So there, signed and sealed! Now waiting to be delivered!

We are so happy with the package we’ve got! Now, long way to go but I can’t wait for my first fitting!



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