The first 5km and beyond

In our attempt to lose weight, my fiancé and I have been trying to fit in our exercising sessions whenever our days allow us to. Our weeknight dates are mostly replaced with evening jogs recently.

I have finally found personal use for the recent opening of the promenade in my neighbourhood. I have avoided it before this because parks mean mosquitoes.

Punggol Promenade - Popeyes

Called Punggol Promenade, the park is a 5 kilometre long public waterfront esplanade. The perimeter around the promenade is made for walking, jogging and cycling. Thankfully, my fiancé lives only an estate away from me and he is ever more than pleased to jog over and exercise with me.

photo (4)photo (6)

I recently downloaded a Nike iPhone application called Running Nike+. It was the first application to appear on the list when I searched. Apart from the basic features, the application allows for you to pull in your music playlist while it counts the kilometres and speed you are running at. I don’t know, I’m a newbie at this. So I’m not sure if all running applications provide this but I like the simple interface.

It was my first time jogging at the promenade just after it rained two weeks ago. The weather was an absolute delight to be jogging in; cooling and windy. Regardless, I was sweating buckets halfway through.

photo (2)

I started my run with the intention to push beyond my last jogging’s achievement where I managed to jog for 21 minutes without stopping. Well apart from when a huge-ass mutant-like grasshopper of some sort landed right in front of me. It startled me, made me hopped, paused a bit and distract my momentum. But apart from that, I was alright. Coming from someone who hasn’t jogged in a long, long time and someone who has an embarrassing stamina, I felt 21 minutes was a good feat.

photo (5)

So that day, I started my jog with the goal to push beyond 21 minutes but I was barely two minutes into the run when I felt my legs shaking. And there I was thinking about pushing beyond 21 minutes! How was I going to even hit 21 minutes?!

I guess it was my determination of not wanting to go back to zero; back to the square one. I managed to run through the park and back. It took me 25 minutes and summed up my jogging for the evening to 4.84km. I wish I had hit 5km but it would be pushing a bit too far for a start. My muscles were spasm-ing when I stopped at the start point and my heart was palpitating. I felt absolutely accomplished.


Since then, it’s been awhile since I jogged. My schedule the last two weeks was pretty much filled with night classes with assignments and journals to write. I know it’s no excuse but I tried so hard to fit the jogging sessions in between. I feel like I’ve let myself down for the gap but the good thing was that I was determined than ever to resume it again and I finally found time to jog again on Thursday evening!

0.50km into my warm-up run and I was already in stitches. I paced around while waiting for my fiance by the intersection to cease the pain. When we got to the park and I started running, the stitches came back but I jogged on despite the discomfort. Again, I was wondering how I was going to hit my target of 5km and continuous run of beyond 25 minutes with the pain and the exhaustion in my legs. Again, it must have been the willpower. I was practically dragging my feet and panting like a dog and when I finally stopped, this was what I achieved.


And I jogged for 33 minutes non-stop, 8 minures more than before!

I felt amazing even though I was close to hitting the track on my wobbly knees. One funny thing happened though. When I realised I had hit 5km, I was determined to try and hit 6. I jogged on and as we passed by the bistro, a tiny little frog jumped onto my pathway. I am scared of anything in the nature that moves basically so you can imagine my reaction. I screamed, jumped, hopped and was jogging at the same time. Patrons of the bistro looked down. They couldn’t have seen the frog and I suspected they must thought I was mad!

I am also starting to eat healthy. It is not easy… Slowly but surely. I also intend to come up with a workout schedule, so anybody who knows of a good app/website for such a thing, do share!

In the meantime, here’s to me exceeding that 6km and achieving greater distant and losing some kilos! Come on!



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