Wedding Preparations

The Wedding Checklist

It is only the second week into the New Year and my parents, fiancé and I are already active in preparations for the wedding.

Sometime last week amidst my slightly busy schedule, I’ve managed to write down a list of compulsory services/items needed for the wedding. Here they are:

1. Marriage certification course
2. Bridal company (Our outfits+ styling + hair & make-up)
3. Food caterer (Saturday & Sunday)
4. Decor company (For the reception hall)
5. Decor company (Wedding gifts + bedroom)
6. Wedding DJ
7. Wedding invites
8. Wedding favours (Adults)
9. Wedding favour (Kids)
10. Videographer / cameraman
11. Wedding photoshoot

11 for now but I know I will be adding many miscellaneous things as I go along.

As a bride-to-be, I guess the most essential would be to ensure that my choice of bridal company as well as the food caterer is available for booking to attend to my wedding on the date I have selected. So far, I have searched the local bridal market and see the options available. There is one that I am really keen on. Exquisite portfolio and I have set an appointment for this weekend.

My parents have handled both my sisters’ weddings therefore, they are quite experienced. For the food menu and choice of caterer, I am leaving it in their hands to decide. My dad have called and met up with a few caterers. One has come by to our place last week both my parents seemed pretty pleased with the menu in the proposal. We have scheduled a food tasting session for end of this month, which I am looking forward to.

At the moment, my fiancé and I are finalising the option and payment for our marriage certification course which will be in March. I will talk more about that in my next entry.

In the meantime, anybody with any recommendations for the above list or any of you who provides any of the above services, please share with me! I am open to exploring anything out there, so, thank you in advance!


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