Wedding Preparations

New Year & Resolutions


Oh, how fast 365 days has flown by. It is already 2013! Happy New Year, ya’ll!

2012 has been everything a year could have possibly fit. I don’t remember setting any resolutions for 2012 but I did achieve some personal-set goals as I slowly inched into the year.

Looking back 12 months, I feel incredibly blessed for all that I have attained in the good and the bad. The support that I have garnered from my family and my fiancé were incredible. They are the very individuals I could turn to at any time. My love for them is incalculable. Thank you so much. I know you guys are reading this!

Like every other year, I never thought of setting any resolutions for 2013. But at a new year’s lunch where everyone was asked to jot down their resolutions and paste it on a board anonymously, I realised I could make do with one or two this year.

Apart from the almost-daily reminder cum absolute determination to spend lesser and unnecessarily (which I have failed in miserably until recent times), I have written these down (on the yellow post-it):


Why these two? Well because:

1) Sigh; between the break I took from work and the exams, I have regrettably gained some weight.

2) I have always wanted to learn tennis and what better way to motivate me to lose some kilos if not by FINALLY picking tennis up!?

So there you go my two resolutions. I hope to pin them down successfully!

2013 will be a very hectic year for me. It will be the road to my 2014 wedding. The wedding is approximately 14 months away. Just fourteen months! My God, that’s really close and believe me, the pressure is really on. We still have so many different things to source for and we are just getting started.

The pressure tagged to a wedding preparation is understandable; it is a life-changing event. However intense it may be, I want to enjoy this journey because a wedding is a once in a lifetime affair. With this blog, I intend to document every step I take during the preparation for keepsake. I want to be able to dig back the entries, reread them, smile and think, oh yeah, that was how we do it! 🙂

That’s it for now. Have an amazing 2013 and a Happy New Year from Hafiz and I!



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