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The Engagement


13 October 2012 was a day filled with lovely memories. It was the day I got engaged to my dear boyfriend of 8 years, Hafiz.

In the beginning, both Hafiz and I had wanted to keep the engagement as intimate as possible. We planned on having a simple ceremony. We wanted only to invite the elders from both our families to discuss the date and details of the wedding. But news of our engagement got out and many from the extended families wanted to come. We could not turn down the people who want to be a part of our special day, so, the engagement party became a full-fledged event. My house was filled to the corridor with guests.


Two months before the big day, Hafiz brought me to numerous jewellers to survey the design I want for my engagement ring. I was never into diamond rings and their cuts but I managed to find the perfect ring for myself. Everything about the ring was just right.

Hafiz, on the other hand, opted for a watch in place of a ring, so, I got him a Calvin Klein timepiece that he chose.


Two weeks before the special day, I made a booking with De’mure Weddings to do my hair and make-up. (My outfit was an engagement present from my mom.) I was introduced to De’mure Weddings by a family friend. At first, I was somewhat apprehensive because I could only judge their services via a friend’s experience.

But it was a risk worth taking. Saufiah, the make-up artist assigned to me, was such a pleasant person. The night before my engagement, Saufiah asked me for a profile photo so that she could do some homework. She inquired on the theme of my outfit and the accessories I would be wearing. Besides being friendly and polite, Saufiah was very professional in her work. I connected with her and trusted her immediately. I was a very pleased client. You can add them on Facebook via De’mure Weddings.


After the formalities between the families were done with in the living room, Hafiz’s family members alongside mine made their way to my room to hand me the ring. I dreaded the idea of having to sit on a chair with many eyes on me but I never imagined myself to be literally shaking when it actually happened. There were so many people; some I know and some I have never me. My smile for the flashing cameras was kind of frozen! It was truly a nervy experience; one I will remember for a while.

Here are some pictures from the ceremony taken by my iPhone 4s as I am still waiting for the actual ones.



Both Hafiz and I were extremely thankful for the many sponsors. We received calls from relatives asking if they could sponsor something for the day. From cakes and cupcakes to hampers to fruits and favours for the guests, many were tokens of gifts from within the family.

Special mention, love and thanks to my amazing parents (they prepared the food for the day), my beautiful sisters, my nieces and nephews, my brother-in-laws, my greatest BFFs (one of them photographed the event for me for free) and my sister’s domestic helper for being the most involved and generous throughout the special occasion making it a huge success.

My niece and nephew were so knocked out by the end of the night. Haha.

Many asked me this in the beginning: “How do you feel now that you are engaged?” I actually felt no difference! Initially, it was really just a change in status. Two months along now, I do notice some evident differences in our attitudes and how we see the future. The month for the wedding is somewhat set and that accentuates the importance of the commitment we have made.

It is sinking in deeper; we are getting married! 😛

Approximately 14 months to go now!


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