Being Dellaire



Happy 26th Birthday to me! I am a quarter-of-a-century and a year older today! How rapidly time flies!

During my younger days, I had many little, little goals floating around my infantile head. I imagined myself to obtain my driving license young, to graduate with a degree in Communication, to be married by 25 and to be a mother of a child by 26.

Today, I have achieved half of it.

I am 26, engaged, with a legit driving license aged 5 years old and am close to graduating with a Bachelor in Communication. With time and change rotating relentlessly with the raging needs and growing demands, I grew up, became more learned and more realistic. Some of my beautifully-laid envisions had to be pulled a step back.

People, be it strangers or acquaintances I know well or distantly, will unremittingly prod me with the most common question: When are you getting married? Unremitting because they could have just asked me that very question last week and still ask me again when they see me today. Initially, the almost-demanding interrogations of the questioners did elevate the pressure. Yes, that’s the Singaporean Malay community for you.

As much as I had wanted to get married early with the very intend of establishing my premature objectives, I have to be pragmatic in this modern day. Age is just a number but money isn’t. School is my main financial commitment at the moment and I have decided to focus on completing my academic attainment before embarking on the wedding.

Truth be told, as soon as I decided to set the wedding to a later time, I felt relief. Not because I was desperate to get married before that, but because I realised I have made the right decision. It is tough changing a mindset you have set for yourself for years and having to let it go. I have been in this relationship close to a decade; so what is waiting for another 12-18 months? There is no intricacy in delaying the change of my status from engaged to married.

So these days, when the older folks asked me when I will settle down, I answered, “One fine day I will and you will definitely be informed, Insyallah.” That is the amicable reply I have programmed in my head, ready for this question. I feel no pressure anymore because I know about my beautifully-crafted plan.

The choice to delay accomplishing my life goals has helped me mature even more. I see the future with even brighter eyes. I am more confident of the life waiting for me as I take that leap of faith.

2012 brought about unanticipated events in my life. One worth highlighting was my engagement to my incredible boyfriend of 8 years. It was not in my list of life plans. An engagement was never part of the plan. I will blog about the nerves and the laughter of that special day in another entry.

So, 2013 is nearing and it will be a hectic year. It is the final year of university and also the year where I will start work on my wedding preparations. I pray that it will be a smooth-sailing 12 months for work, school and love.

That is all for now.


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