Being Dellaire


It’s been awhile and here I am making another attempt at a fresh start at blogging. Truth be told, I’ve missed it much.

I was introduced to blogging at 17. BlogSpot was the preferred host back then. I just started out at a Polytechnic. From Blogspot, I switched to LiveJournal. Photoshop was my dear friend back then. I took time to design my own headers, twitched CSS templates; all the efforts just so I could come up with my preferred layouts.


I was a committed blogger. I wrote about life, the wins and losses of football, the hardships of school projects, the arts I designed, the journey of my relationship, the friendships I made and the very family I love. I was blogging actively from the start of my relationship with my fiancé, to the births of my nieces and nephews, through the World Cup 2006 and many other milestones. I shared the joys in my life and made friends from all corners of the world.

And then, work happened. My cyber life was rudely interrupted. University came along. I barely had time. I tried to blog regularly but my few attempts were met with failures.

I kicked off the year 2012 with the very keen intention on blogging again. But I never make time for it. It has been a busy and eventful year. A few months back, I told myself that if I’m going to write again, I better do so quick.

So here I am, slowly trying to get back in. BEar with me as I’m still figuring out WordPress .

& I hope to jot down and share the many coming milestones heading my way from 2013 onwards with all of you.

Stay tuned. 🙂



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